#Human Rights

In January of 2008, many homeschooler's accounts were deemed disabled on Facebook because they are not considered to be in a high school.

Their homeschool networks were taken away, and were told they could not come back until they were 18.

This petition is for anyone and everyone, homeschooler or not, to help get homeschoolers and their networks back on Facebook!

Facebook group: http://hs.facebook.com/group.php?gid=20216650206

An unfortunate occurance has happened to a few, if not many, of Facebook's participants. What seemed like a random rash of kids losing their accounts is apparently more connected.

Homeschool Networks have seemingly disappeared, and those who are part of them have disappeared along with them.

This is our effort, homeschoolers and others who won't stand for injustice, to see that things are righted.

And so we ask that Facebook will bring the homeschoolers and the networks back...

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