#Cirizens Rights
Right Honourable Prime Minister Mr. S.J. Harper


Heartfelt Welcome!

The compassionate and big-hearted people of Canada gave me as well as many other immigrants New Home and PROTECTION, when refuge was desperately needed.

They welcomed us, the new-comers with open arms and let us "BE" in their country without restrictions or barriers (which we experienced in our Native Lands) by allowing us to: Speak freely our mind without being arrested, retain our traditions and our native languages, educate our children instilling our traditions and customs. And, to teach our children our Religion (or a Religion of our choice), build Churches (and Schools) and let us make many personal choices, which were denied in our native lands.

As a "THANK YOU NOTE" we, the new-comers to this wonderful Country CANADA, are TAKING AWAY the traditional CANADIAN celebration: CHRISTMAS.

The End-of-the-year Holiday-Time has different significance to many people: For some it means to have a few days "off" away from the business pressures they endured during the year. Others are busy closing their "Books", while many are just beginning to earn some income, because their business is "End-of-the-Year" oriented, and/or welcoming the NEW YEAR while many nationalities have their Religious Celebrations as well.

And it happened that at this time of the year the Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus – the Son of God, renown in the whole World as the prophet who was educating people to be moral, virtuous, kind-hearted and compassionate to each other.

Because we, the residents of this Great Country, do not follow this kind of teaching, find ourselves facing many difficulties in our lives and consequently blame Christian CHRRISTMAS!

Please, my Friend, sign this Petition and let the Governing Offices know that you do not agree to this extremely discourteous treatment of the host-people's inoffensive tradition to say "MERRY CHRISTMAS!". Let there be "GUIDE" to make people understand that this is not a suitable approach of showing amiability, respect and mutual affinity in our society.
Disrespect causes apartheid and confusion amongst citizens.
Since there are no restrictions to other ethnic groups to the use of their traditional "titles" at the end-of-the-year festivities, so let the word "CHRISTMAS" to continue to be used as customary without criticism, sarcasm and belittling.

Thank you, My Friend, for your precious time and "MERRY CHRISTMAS" to YOU and YOUR Family.

Love and Peace Amongst Nations
Olga O'Mara-Raven


The Right Hon. Stephen Joseph Harper, P.C., M.P.
Prime Minister of Canada
Langevin Building 80 Wellington Street
Ottawa ON K1A 0A6

We, the Undersigned Canadians, strongly object to the omitted use of the word CHRISTMAS in either written or spoken form at the end of the year and at other times.

While virtually all ethnic-end-of-the-year festive days are referred to by their traditional names (e.g. Hanukkah, risdvo, die Weihnachten, roschdestvo, das Christfest, etc.) BUT the reference to the host Nation’s traditional holiday (i.e. CHRISTMAS) is continually being suppressed and belittled.

We petition for Your input in our predicament.

(The Following Columns Prompted this Petition: “Stealing Christmas” – The Toronto Sun, December 8, 2010 and "Giving Grinches a Kick", The Toronto Sun, December 9, 2010, by Mike Strobel ).

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