#Civil Rights
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono / Indonesian president and MPR (Upper house)

Indonesian new VP (Jusuf Kalla) said and published in the "Sinar Harapan" daily 12th October 2004, that Chinese minority in Indonesia had 2 choices:

1. To be discriminated against,

2. To have their property burnt (referring to May 1998 riot).

He also made remarks referring to May 1998 riot that the tragedy was due to wide gap in income between indigenous and Chinese minority, which is totally wrong. The tragedy was yet to be investigated properly as it was believed to be orchestrated by some anti-Chinese groups in the country. By saying, that he also justify the violence against Chinese minority and encourage such sentiment to flourish again.

His remark is regrettable, especially when he is the Vice-President.

We demand that Indonesian new VP (Jusuf Kalla) apologize for discriminatory remarks against the ethnic Chinese minority.

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