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1. Bring twentyønepiløts to the Middle East!

I'd start with simply start with outlining that twentyønepiløts have never vpcome to the Middle East to perform so we the middle eastern clique want them to be here in this world tour of theirs.

We want them to come perform in Dubai or at least somewhere in Dubai, so to twentyønepiløts, Josh Dun, Tyler Joseph, Fueledbyramen, and the tour organizers oh and Mark as well please bring twentyønepiløts to Dubai!


DTA Chartered Architects have been appointed by East Kilbride Thistle Community Football Club to pursue a planning application which will involve the redevelopment of the Showpark, East Kilbride, to form a new community sports hub for the club including:

- one 3G 11-a-side pitch
- two 3G 7-a-side pitches
- 500-1000 seater stand with associated works including parking, lighting etc

S.F.L. Third Division side Clyde FC are jointly involved with the application and it is their intention to relocate to East Kilbride, establish a permanent home in the town, and jointly share the facilities between the various adult and youth teams which form both clubs.

The addition of new stand and pitches which can be used by both clubs' senior teams as well as the youth teams is a marvellous opportunity for all concerned and we would hope that you would lend your support to this development as it goes through the Planning Consultation Process.

Details of the proposals can be found at

3. Save Cheshire's Markets

Recently, Cheshire East Council voted to increase the rent paid by Market Traders across the county by a staggering 25%. There has been no legitimate reasons laid forth by the council with many seeing it as a move to oust markets from towns in a bid to create revenue from car parking and other schemes around Cheshire.

Market traders have always worked with very streamlined profit margins, pinched even tighter by the need to remain competitive with the all- consuming supermarkets and their insatiable appetite for moving into all areas of financial opportunity.

It's understandable that in a recession and a time of great financial hardship for everyone, these traders are struggling already and a hike of 25% will force many traders out of a profession through sheer running costs alone.

It is vital that action is taken now to show Cheshire East council the people of the towns want to keep their Markets.




Kiss 105-108 is the East of England’s regional radio station broadcast from Reflection House, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk.

Kiss 105-108 is part of the Kiss Network which is a subsidiary of Bauer Radio.

Kiss 105-108 has previously been known as Vibe 105-108, Vibe FM and Non-StopVibe and successfully ran for almost 8 years before it was relaunched under the Kiss umbrella in September 2006.

Kiss 105-108 has, over the years, been owned and managed by a number of different companies and groups including Essex Radio Group, Daily Mail, DMGT, GWR Group, SRH, EMAP and then finally Bauer which took control in January 1998

Kiss 105-108 officially broadcasts to Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and North Essex covering an area of over 5,000 sq miles however, it can occasionally be heard as far as Lincolnshire, South Essex, Bedfordshire and even Greater London.

Kiss 105-108 has 3 regular, locally broadcast slots:

Breakfast with Stu Grant, Kaz Carter and Thomsta
Lunch with Nikki Elise
Drive with Michael Lewis

Kiss 105-108 is the commercial market leader reaching 376,000 listeners each week.

Kiss 105-108’s average listener tunes in to the station 6.9 hours each week.

Kiss 105-108 Breakfast with Stuart Grant is still the commercial leader and reaches 185,000 listeners each week.

Kiss 105-108 Drive with Michael Lewis has the number one show on commercial radio in the region, reaching 216,000 listeners each week.

Kiss 105-108 continues to dominate as the most listened to commercial radio station across the East of England.


Wish u guys would come back it not the same in the morning!

no longer smile going to work. you guys made my morning bright and fun and was usually laughing all the way to work. Will turn the radio back on when you guys a back on the Air waves!! Newbies are not cool! not for first thing in the morning. Stu, Kaz and thomsta are a very tough act to beat.

Would also love Michael Lewis back he's a ledge !!

I always listened throughout the day to Kiss and now haven't listened for more than 10 mins since 1st Jan 2011. What i really liked about Kaz Stu and Thomsta and Michael Lewis was the local connection (Kaz went to my school) (Michael Lewis lives next door to my friend) and you could really identify with what they talk...ed about. Last time i heard Kiss the traffic update was for London Underground and i thought what?? I'm in Bury St Edmunds not blooming London!!! Really very disappointed that things have changed - i can't understand the thought process of the bosses behind it... Did they even consult any of the listeners for opinions??


I miss the utter craziness of the three of them, they cannot be replaced in my opinion!!

The station choices available in London are massive and the Kiss 100 Breakfast crew probably appeal more to the listeners in London. But for us in East Anglia, our station choices are severely limited and we need a "localised" style of morning breakfast show, with local news and travel reports applicable to us, to help us all with our journeys to work. Nothing personal to the new Breakfast crew, but they are not right for East Anglian listeners, they're too "urban" or "too street" if you like. Their language, the way they talk and their accents don't seem right for listeners in East Anglia. Bring back Stu, Thomsta and Kaz !!!

I know it's a New Year, but could someone tell me why the change. No disrespect to the new crew but, the wheel was not broken, so why mess with a good thing. Morning show with the old cast was my laugh that got my day started. Kiss you know how to mess up a good thing. Thanks!!!

I've lost all my respect for Kiss, i would argue for them when people said Radio 1 was better, I loved the banter of Stu, Kaz and Thomsta always brightened my day and cheered me up with all their jokes, plus they actually knew the streets of East Anglia unlike the new presenters, what if they got rid of them and let Stu do london radio, they would also complain. We have our own style, and London have theirs but Kiss have just forgot about us!

Have you all read Andy Roberts the,Group Programme Director of KISS reckons stu Thomsta and Kaz told him they wanted to leave!!! Have you read his statement? What a load of rubbish – Doesn’t it make you angry like it has me?

Who on earth are those fools on now? Was so unimpressed preferred to listen to nothing on my way to work rather than that garbage. Most upset.

105-108 need to see the listeners complaints about KISS and be aware of the damage Bauer has done to local commercial radio in our area. Of course the staff didn't have a choice whether they stayed or left (no matter how sweetly Andy Roberts worded his statement) because KISS pulled the plug on the East of England station therefore nothing was mutual.

"KISS goodbye to your listeners - you’re KISStory"

Really hope this does something as I haven't listened to kiss since I found out the brekkie crew had gone BRING THEM ALL BACK good luck with it

the guys were so natural, entertaining, kept us listeners hooked 2 their show everyday, the new ones just ain’t got it! why change wot has been excellent all these years! They’re legends! xx

they connected with their audience, which is often key to retaining listeners, as if people feel a connection with a presenter/s, they enjoy listening to them. Goodluck with the campaign I would love to hear the breakfast team and michael back on air! x

I've stopped listening to Kiss, instead listen to Heart now. The newbees just haven't got it, bring back the old crew especially the ones at breakfast time!!!

I am still refusing to listen to kiss, I now either listen to heart or radio 1 but its still not the same. Stu, Kaz and Tomsta used to cheer me up on the dreaded drive to work in the morning and I didn't mind getting up while I was listening to those 3. But if getting rid of the breakfast show wasn't bad enough they then got rid of Michael Lewis aswell. Please mention about Michael Lewis aswell as he was also an excellent DJ and all the listeners loved him aswell :)

I loved kiss / vibe I phoned up a couple of times and text ....I won an iPod and they knew me whenever I rang up again that's the sign of real professionals !!!!!

I work in a school and the kids are all gutted - it gets them off to a good start on the way to school - makes them laugh. A lot of them have informed me that they have started to listen to our local station "Heart" as they can't bear to listen to the "new crew".

I used to listen to kiss breakfast when i get up at six and on way to work and being a driver used to listen to it all day, but since they have taken stu, kaz, thomsta and michael off air i don't listen to it anymore its either silence on way to work or cd, and don't even have radio on at work now. I work 10hr days so they have lost a valued listener who used to listen to them everyday, they have prob lost loads of listeners since the change...

Radio's not worth waking up to anymore, i miss the laughter and hilarious banter it got me set for the day, i'm miserable now without them :o( xx

I have listened to the "new improved" haha what a joke breakfast show once & within 5 mins turnt it off, it was like listening to a kids school playground. Full of immature shrieking un-necesssary noise. WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING???!!! How is this improvement?? What a load of tripe. I now listen to a CD doing the school run in morning.

Seriously kiss there is no problem with the rest of the show all day apart from some new stuff instead of some year old stuff and selected play list would be good. but thats not really a problem....the only thing we are asking for is OUR Stu Grant breakfast show...VIBE was our station till you took it, we excepted the ...change as we still got our local station but you have took it all from us now.

Gutted to have to listen to a complete load of rubbish now on the drive into work, it is so impersonal! I think I will be turning the 'new' Kiss off this week. Nice of the Kiss management team to let listeners know what has happened. I spent a few hours trying to re-tune my car stereo, completely miffed. Good luck with this page though and come back soon morning crew! X

OMG ! Bring back the Fab 3 ! My mornings are nothing now !!! Who made such a terrible decission, I lasted 10 mins with this new lot, have totally gone back to my Multi CD Player as in car entertainment. Sort it out Kiss ? Bring back the trio.........x

Any one find it odd that Kiss are now giving away heaps of free stuff ? Is this to bribe us ? Just think if they wasn't giving away all this stuff the could still afford to employ Michael Lewis, Stuart Grant, Thomsta and Kaz.

I got kicked off the kiss page today because i laughed that Mel, Charlie and Rickie paused because they didn't know where gorleston near gt yarmouth in Norfolk in East Anglia was ........I rest my case... It wasn't like i swore or said they were crap i just said i found it funny......i liked the page again but they'v...e blocked me from writing on there

I never write on Facebook and I don't rate myself as cool or 'down wiv it' as these new presenters keep banging on about and I'm open to change but I heard their 'yep yep yep' and 'give it up for...' banter for 15minutes and switched off. I loved the show before and I'm getting the feeling that others did too. What the... hell are Kiss playing at. I for one won't be tuning in any more. Good luck with getting back on the radio. Very disappointed

Had to switch it off this morning-absolute rubbish. Bring back stu, tomster and caz so I can have a giggle and enjoy my journey to work again.

I heard the morning show for the first time this year, what a load of crap!! Whoever made this decision to get shot of them and Michael Lewis should be shot. Come back save us from these idiots!!!

if it ain't broke don't try an fix it! Wot are these ppl playin at! Bring back local radio we miss u guys! Nothing to make me giggle on the way to work now i'd sooner drive in silence an talk to myself than listen to the new crap, u just AREN'T funny so stop thinking u are! Bring back kaz, stu an thomsta cos it'll never be the same without them!

5. Save Warwick's East Gate

UPDATED VERSION (April 21, 2010)

The medieval Eastgate in the historic town of Warwick has been sold. The auction took place on Wednesday April 14 at 6pm. The Grade-II listed property had a guide price of £125,000. It was not possible at short notice to persuade Warwick District Council or any other public body to attempt to take it over, and it was sold by auction for £215,000 to a professional surveyor, Mr Robert Newman, who himself lives near Warwick in a listed building. He has stated that he intends to repair it and initially use it as a holiday flat, with a view to eventually living in it himself with his wife.

Eastgate has seen many changes since it was first part of the defensive system of the town in the twelfth century. The small chapel of St. Peter's perched on top of it, dated to the mid 15th century, but was in a ruinous state by 1571. The ancient monument’s clock tower is difficult to access and repair has been neglected, resulting in the clock permanently standing at seven minutes to three. Its three large rooms from 1879 until recently were used as classrooms by the adjoining King’s High School for Girls.

The structure, claims the Warwick Society, is ‘iconic’, and important in its own right, as an old town gate and a chapel, and as a symbol of the town’s character. It is, they say, self-evidently in poor condition, badly affected by traffic swirling round it, with limited access and unusual accommodation, and it has no clear and economically viable future use. But they still have hopes it can be saved for the town. Their main concern appears to be that nobody will be able to afford the cost of upkeep in these straitened times.

May I express my thanks to those people who signed this petition about Warwick's East Gate, and for the many messages of support. Since the building has now been sold to a private bidder, the request to the Council to negotiate to buy it has become irrelevant. However, the petition will still be presented to the Council on my behalf by Councillor Elizabeth Higgins at their meeting on 28th April. The emphasis however, is now on the part of the petition that asks them to ensure that the building is not allowed to deteriorate, and ensuring that repairs are appropriate and in keeping with the building's historical status. This, I hope, can be done by the right kind of dialogue with the new owner. I have already had a meeting with the Council, and had assurances on this point.

It only remains to wish the new owner the best, and hope that he will look after the building in the way most Warwickians and our many sympathisers would want.


6. Bring Jerry Jeff Walker's Tour East

Jerry Jeff Walker is one of the most beloved Texas Country Musicians of all time, he has played with everyone from Willie Nelson, Guy Clark, Johnny Cash, to Gary P. Nunn, and of course Jimmy Buffet.

His tour schedule for the last several years have had very, VERY few dates scheduled in the eastern portion of the U.S. (other than a couple of Florida shows). He was born in New York, and he needs to be aware of all the people that need his music within reach.

Bringing parts of his tour is a necessity, and with this petition, it can only help to persuade him! Bring Jerry Jeff East!!!

7. Support East Hill Expansion

East Hill Expansion means:

More Jobs
Future Growth
Increased Infrastructure
Increased Revenue

8. Support Our Troops

Every year men are killed in action for no reason. And worse still is that the government once upon a time stated that they would pull our troops out and yet we are sending more in. Why? When there are men being killed and severely wounded.

This year already 94 men have died and for no reason other that the fact that they are there and driving around in unsafe trucks and don't have the proper protection. Just pull them out like the government said they would and stop the death.

Support Our Troops

9. Citizens Against the Seven-Period School Day in NEISD

We the students of NEISD, in order to enhance our education, believe that the A/B schedule should be retained, and not switched to a seven-period day. As it is now, we have four periods a day, alternating classes every other day. Eight classes, each 90 minutes long.

If it were switched, we would go to seven periods every day, each roughly 45 minutes long. This would eliminate the eighth class, making it more difficult to take electives related to future occupational interests. In addition, shortening the classes would increase the homework load each day, which would lead to a decrease in interest and a lower homework completion rate. This increased homework would force students to stay awake late at night to complete work due the next day. Students would have less time to study in class and at home, and general performance would fall. This would not be very beneficial in moving towards our goal of becoming a "Distinguished Campus," and having a 95% attendance rate.

Finally, with more periods each day, there would be less time for passing between classes. As it is, going from the top floor of one building, across campus, and up to the top floor of the other building cuts the current eight minutes close. If it were shortened, there would be many more tardies, resulting in more students reaching the tardy limit and getting in trouble even further.

10. China: a UN inquiry required re Xinjiang

An introduction to Uyghurs and their motherland, East Turkistan (look)

East Turkistan, also known as the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China, lies in the heart of Asia.

East Turkistan is located beyond a logical boundary of China, the Great Wall. Historically, East Turkistan is a part of Central Asia, not of China. East Turkistan's people are not Chinese; they are Turks of Central Asia.

The version of the Urumchi unrest that has been presented to the world by the Chinese government follows this narrative. On July 5, Uyghur “plotters” took to the streets and in a display of “beating, smashing, looting, and burning” killed 197 people and injured 1,721. The riot was masterminded by Rebiya Kadeer and the World Uyghur Congress. Yesterday, Nur Bekri, the Chairman of what the Chinese government calls the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, admitted that Chinese security forces used live ammunition and shot dead protestors, who were referred to as “mobsters” in the official media, to control the unrest.

This version of events, as is so often the case with Chinese reporting, is not true. For instance, we know that far more than 12 Uyghurs were shot by Chinese authorities.

The Chinese government, through its proxies in the official media, is obscuring the truth in order to conceal a mass killing of Uyghurs by Chinese security forces. Furthermore, through its demonization of Uyghur protestors in the official media, it is attempting to justify the impending mass executions of Uyghurs as promised by Chinese officials.

11. ESUHSD Save interscholastic Athletics

The Superintendent of the East Side Union High School District in San Jose, CA has suggested a plan to phase out and/or eliminate High School Athletics throughout the district to keep classrooms from even deeper cuts.

High School Sports is VITAL to the social aspect of a students four years. As it is also CRUCIAL in keeping students out of gangs, away from drugs and off the streets.

Education is definitely the MOST important part of a students High School life, but sports helps students keep or raise their grades. If the ESUHSD eliminates sports they will see a vast decrease in classroom in the aspect of the number of students that will transfer.

12. Save the pit bulls!

This petition is specifically for Iowa. Some people are trying to get pit bulls banned because of the attacks that have been publicly exploited and we need to show them the truth about the kind hearted pit bulls that we all know and love.

Please help me show them the reality that only the owner is responsible and that the facts are in the pit bulls favor!!! Pit bulls are only 2 percent of the annual canine attacks and are one of the top tested breeds for temperament.

More labs and mixed breeds are responsible for attacks each year yet they are not the ones being banned! I personally think that if this horrible ban does pass that EVERY other breed that ranks higher on the annual attacks should be banned also but will it happen? I highly doubt it. Please make the right decision!

13. یاداشتنامه‌ى پشتیوانى له‌داواكانى خه‌ڵكى كوردستان

خه‌لكى شار و شارۆچكه‌كانى كفرى و چه‌مچه‌ماڵ و شۆرِش و ده‌ربه‌ندیخان و زه‌رِایه‌ن و كه‌لار و سلیَمانى و قه‌ڵادزآ وشویَنه‌كانى ترى كوردستان ئه‌م رِۆژانه‌ خۆپیشاندانیان كردوه‌ و دیَنه‌ سه‌رشه‌قام تاكو نارِه‌زایه‌تى ده‌ربرِن به‌رامبه‌ر وه‌زعى ناله‌بارى كاره‌با و سوته‌مه‌نى.ئیَستا خه‌ڵك ته‌حه‌مولى زیاترى ئه‌م وه‌زعه‌ ناكه‌ن و ده‌سه‌ڵاتدارانیش ساڵیَكه‌ له‌ وه‌عد و به‌ڵینه‌كانیان هیچى نه‌بردۆته‌ سه‌ر و گه‌نده‌ڵى رِیَگه‌ى له‌ دابینكردنى ئه‌م پیویستیه‌ سه‌رتاییانه‌ى خه‌ڵك گرتوه‌.

خه‌ڵك رِیَگایه‌كى ترى له‌به‌رده‌مدا نه‌ماوه‌ جگه‌ له‌ خۆپیشاندان وفشارهیَنان وه‌ك مافیَكى سه‌ره‌تایى خۆى بۆ گۆرِینى ئه‌م وه‌زعه‌ ناله‌باره‌ى.به‌ڵام له‌ماوه‌ى 3رِۆژدا هیَزه‌كانى ئاسایش وپۆلیسى ئه‌م ناوچانه‌ كه‌وتونه‌ته‌ پیَشیلكردنى هه‌موو ماف وئازادیه‌كى خۆپیشانده‌ران و خۆپیشانده‌ریَك كوژراوه‌ و به‌ده‌یان كه‌سیان برینداركردوه‌ و زیاتر له‌ دووسه‌د كه‌سیان تا ئیَستا گرتوه‌ و گرتن و لیَدان و ته‌قه‌كردن له‌خۆپیشانده‌ران به‌رده‌وامه