North East Idependen School District
United States of America

We the students of NEISD, in order to enhance our education, believe that the A/B schedule should be retained, and not switched to a seven-period day. As it is now, we have four periods a day, alternating classes every other day. Eight classes, each 90 minutes long.

If it were switched, we would go to seven periods every day, each roughly 45 minutes long. This would eliminate the eighth class, making it more difficult to take electives related to future occupational interests. In addition, shortening the classes would increase the homework load each day, which would lead to a decrease in interest and a lower homework completion rate. This increased homework would force students to stay awake late at night to complete work due the next day. Students would have less time to study in class and at home, and general performance would fall. This would not be very beneficial in moving towards our goal of becoming a "Distinguished Campus," and having a 95% attendance rate.

Finally, with more periods each day, there would be less time for passing between classes. As it is, going from the top floor of one building, across campus, and up to the top floor of the other building cuts the current eight minutes close. If it were shortened, there would be many more tardies, resulting in more students reaching the tardy limit and getting in trouble even further.

We, the undersigned, call on the North East Dependent School District to remain with the current A/B schedule and not switch to a seven-period day.

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