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all who are trying to ban them
United States of America

This petition is specifically for Iowa. Some people are trying to get pit bulls banned because of the attacks that have been publicly exploited and we need to show them the truth about the kind hearted pit bulls that we all know and love.

Please help me show them the reality that only the owner is responsible and that the facts are in the pit bulls favor!!! Pit bulls are only 2 percent of the annual canine attacks and are one of the top tested breeds for temperament.

More labs and mixed breeds are responsible for attacks each year yet they are not the ones being banned! I personally think that if this horrible ban does pass that EVERY other breed that ranks higher on the annual attacks should be banned also but will it happen? I highly doubt it. Please make the right decision!

This is a petition against the pit bull ban. Please help stop the government from murdering an entire breed for what a few mistreated dogs have done.

Help blame the deed and not an entire breed! Would you kill all poodles just because one bit a child? I doubt it! Yet there are people trying to do so to the beloved pit bull. Even though in the world wars they fought alongside soldiers, they have been search and rescue dogs, police dogs, seeing eye dogs, and as always beloved members of families all over the world.

There are pit bulls in the hall of fame in Georgia and one of America's favorite movie dogs is a pit! Petey from little rascals was a pit! Please please help stop the injustice! Pit bulls are one of the top ranked dogs tested for temperament and have expressed more human emotion than most breeds! Most people who have this wonderful breed would say they are more like overgrown babies than ravenous killers.

You must realize that the pit bulls who attack are mistreated, starved or provoked in one way or another. As a proud owner of a pure bred pit and a pit lab mix I can say neither of my babies have EVER bitten anyone. So please help me keep my babies and help all of the other RESPONSIBLE pit bull owners keep theirs as well. Please know that I do support all leash and detainment laws.

I believe with proper precautions such as the leash and detainment laws, proper vaccinations and health care, proper training and socialization, as well as supervision these pit bulls will once again be seen as the well behaved lovable and loyal family members that they are.

I appreciate all of your support. Please sign this petition!

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