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In May 2008 Chris Booker, Angi Taylor, and Blaire Galaton were wrongly fired from the top rated morning show on WIOQ Philadelphia ( "Q-102").

During his stint at Q, Chris Booker brought new energy and charisma to morning radio in Philadelphia and became a much loved personality in the city. During this time Booker was elected one of the city's top bachelor's, hosting many gatherings, and opened up and shared his thoughts and opinions about things most DJ's would steer clear from.

The press said that this termination occurred because Clear Channel wanted more music played in the morning, but there is not more music being played - there is a radio show being funnelled out of NY, by a guy who lives in NY. The Billboard we had with Booker on it now shows a guy from New York.

We want someone who lives in Philadelphia - and not just anyone. Booker was local and funny and intriguing and energetic. We want Booker back on our morning show along with Angi, Blaire, and Diego.

We the undersigned demand that Chris Booker, Angi Taylor, Blaire Galaton, and Diego Ramos be restored to their positions as Q-102's morning crew, immediately and with full support, funding, and appreciation.

We will not rest until we can wake up properly.

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