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Below is attached a brief documentation on cultural relations between Mexico and Ethiopia:

"In the collective memory of the Mexican people, still on remeberance the historic visit that the Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie I made to Mexico in June 1954, gaining the affection and admiration of all who had the opportunity to meet him personally.

This friendly relationship between the two nations came when Ethiopia was attacked by the the Benito Mussulini's fascist forces in 1935, Mexico remains one of the few countries
standing up in the Ethiopia's cause within the congress then called the League of Nations, all this under the legal representation of the Mexican diplomatic Isidro Fabela.

At that time, the Mexican nation ruled by Lázaro Cárdenas ,who showed under him at the time, the firm stance of the nation over the defense of human rights and world peace.

Since that historic visit, between Mexico and Ethiopia, relations were established not only fiendly relationship, but as well as cultural exchanges caried out by the Ethiopian-Mexican Relation Institute. In adition a puclic school was created with name Ethiopia, aslo build was The Ethiopia Plaza, now reduced to a station on the Line 3 of the Mexico City Train Service, wherein June 22 1954 the Emperor unveiled a plaque, that for some strange reasons the where abouts are unkonw at this present time. "(Pive Dread)


Blessings Brothers and Sisters, this message is to request your prompt assistance to protect our cultural and spiritual legacy that is being torn from our community.

In the past days, the Mexico city Government proposed and carried out the changing of the name and removing of Train Station "Ethiopia". (Mexico) In this way the formerly called "Ethiopia ( Train Station) " it will be call "Plaza de Transparencia", therefore we request your urgent support to make a complaint and stop these changes that undoubtedly will affect our heritage as sons and daughters of Rastafari in mexico.

We request your support by forwarding this message to your contacts and signing your full name and country to get signatures and subsequently submitted them to the appropriate authorities and the manager of that station.

For This reason it should be clear the importance for INI to maintain this monumental heritage worth preserving, we request the assistance of ones and ones to keep alive our cultural heritage.

This is the link where you can read the complete article that appeared yesterday in the newspaper El Universal:


OR WRITE A IMAL TO SUPPORT US: metro_etiopia@hotmail.com

Respectfullly yours
ESTRELLA NEGRA MÉXICO (Black Star Line, Rastafari organizacion)

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