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1. Support Lidl in Melton

Lidl wish to develop the Crown House site on Scalford Road in Melton Mowbray. We shall shortly be submitting an application for a discount foodstore with a 1193sqm sales area and 62 car parking spaces.

The store will be located in close proximity to the town centre, Lidl’s limited product lines and low turnover will not impact on the vitality of the centre.

The development would bring more shopping choice to the town and create up to 40 new jobs opportunities that are targeted at the local people.

2. Bicycle Theft In Manitoba Crown Penalty Is Incarceration

Currently Manitoba Law Regarding Bicycle Theft Is not a law that has a Crown Penalty of Mandatory Incarceration.

3. Establish a CANZUK political & defence alliance and free trade zone by 2020

In recognition of the reality that the UK will almost certainly recast its relationship with the EU to avoid falling into an inevitable supranational federation;

And in respect of the fact that the UK values its freedom and political independence as much as Canada, Australia and New Zealand (CANZ) does—nations that share a common language, common values, common law, common institutions, a common political culture, a common military heritage, a common history and a common head of state, HM the Queen;

And in recognition of the fact that the individual nations of CANZUK require a vision for the 21st century that is cooperative and global in nature, one that is able to leverage its values and strengths in order to best compete with the emerging giants of the world who may not share those values;

And in acknowledgement of the fact that much could be gained for the prosperity, mobility, protection and freedom of our citizens if our nations, for example:

- Established a free trade zone
- Created a dedicated channel for arrival and departure at all ports of entry to allow subjects of Her Majesty’s realms to enter with appropriate decorum and not as “foreigners”
- Increased sharing of embassies and missions around the world to build on the agreements that have already and recently been made to better protect our citizens abroad
- Pooled procurement in defence spending and other large government procurement items to achieve economies of scale and reduce costs on taxpayers
- Caucused in the UN as a geopolitical group (as much as CANZ currently does) and rotated chairmanship of the UK’s permanent seat on the UN Security Council

4. Restore Royal traditions to South Australian schools

Australia is a Commonwealth Realm under the sovereignty of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who holds the title as Queen of Australia. As Australian Subjects to Her Majesty, it is our duty, and responsability to honor and serve Her Majesty.

One of the ways in which Her Majesty may be honoured is through the Education system. Schools may have the swearing of the oath of allegiance at assemblies, and/or hand a portrait of Her Majesty in one, or more significant areas in the school grounds. The singing of God save the Queen once a week as a school could also be introduced.

The Australian state of New South Wales has wisely begun to re-introduce these traditions, and it can be expected that as the spirit of the monarchy flows through the hearts of many in this year of Jubilee, that others will feel the need for their state/territory to follow in NSW's footsteps.

5. Support a Land Act For Wales

Following the complete occupation of Wales by the Anglo Normans in 1282 - 4 and again, in the 1420's following the War of Independence led by the great Welsh Prince Owain Glyndwr, great areas of Welsh land was either taken by the English Crown or 'given' as rewards to English barons for fighting for England in the Welsh Wars.

Ironically this was repeated by the Tudors in the 16th, who were of 'Welsh Descent', One such example being the Dukes of Somerset being given Mynydd y Gwair and much else throughout Southern Wales. This Mountain is now the centre of a major local issue and national campaign as the Somerset Trust intends to establish a Wind Mill Plantation on it.

Apart from the above, much of Welsh land was common land - which meant that the peasantry had the right to build a smallholding on it as well as hunt and fish but, increasingly over the centuries and up to the present, the Gentry and incoming 'New Conquistadores, such as Iron and Slate Masters began to seize this Common Land by means of Enclosure Acts. The issue of Anglican Church ownership was very much addressed in the Welsh Tithe Wars of 1886 - 88 by a National Land League but there is still much unfinished business to be taken care of.

Today, the aforementioned land is still occupied by the English Crown and the descendents of the English barons and, increasingly, by outside 'Utiliy Companies as in the case of the Vyrnwy Estate, It is being extensively plundered of its natural resources, such as water and timber, and is being savagely destroyed by gigantic windfarms. It is our Welsh herital land and we want it returned to the communities and people of Wales through this Wales Land Act.

6. Street Lighting on Salisbury Drive

We the undersigned homeowners / residents of Crown Grant petition Hamlet Homes to install street lighting as per other streets in Crown Grant for safety concerns.

7. Canada, drop the monarchy!

A monarchy is a government headed by royalty and in Canada, that's the Queen. A new study says the monarchy and the British crown costs Canadians $34 million dollars a year. The money is partly used to pay for Royal visits like the one happening in October when the Queen is coming. We think the money would be better spent on other things. Last Friday (October 4th, 2002), John Manley declared that abandoning the monarchy when the queen's reign ends would be a better thing for Canada. That's great, however we want it to happen RIGHT NOW!

8. Give This Fire Boy A Real Sentence

Last year a young lad pleaded guilty to manslaughter after setting fire to the front door of my mothers flat. She lived in a high rise block on the 14th floor. She suffered burns and smoke inhalation, after 3 months in critical care sadley we lost her. The lads resposible were found and charged with her murder.They all pleaded not guilty, but one lad pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Two of the lads were found not guilty of manslaughter so all that was left was for the sentencing of the lad who pleaded guilty. He was on conditional bail for over a year and was eventually sentenced on Friday 17th.He was sentenced to a 3 yr supervision order on the grounds that he was a reformed character and unrecognisable from the person he was when he committed the crime. So what I make of that is that he took my mothers life last year but because he's been a good boy they're not going to punish him. How fair is that? We are hoping that the CPS will appeal against such a lenient sentence, if they don't then I am hoping that this petition will help persuade them otherwise. Thank you for taking the time to read this all support is greatly appreciated.