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The Hon. Grace Portolesi, MP (South Australian minister for Education).

Australia is a Commonwealth Realm under the sovereignty of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who holds the title as Queen of Australia. As Australian Subjects to Her Majesty, it is our duty, and responsability to honor and serve Her Majesty.

One of the ways in which Her Majesty may be honoured is through the Education system. Schools may have the swearing of the oath of allegiance at assemblies, and/or hand a portrait of Her Majesty in one, or more significant areas in the school grounds. The singing of God save the Queen once a week as a school could also be introduced.

The Australian state of New South Wales has wisely begun to re-introduce these traditions, and it can be expected that as the spirit of the monarchy flows through the hearts of many in this year of Jubilee, that others will feel the need for their state/territory to follow in NSW's footsteps.

We, Her Majesty's subjects, call upon the South Australian Government and department of education to reintroduce Royal traditions to the schools of South Australia.

We call for at least the hanging of one portrait of Her Majesty in the school's main foyer/hall.

We ask this for the boosting of the reputation of the state of South Australia, and for the education of students in the Crown.

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