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Our Respective National Governments
CANZUK: Canada-Australia-NZ-UK

In recognition of the reality that the UK will almost certainly recast its relationship with the EU to avoid falling into an inevitable supranational federation;

And in respect of the fact that the UK values its freedom and political independence as much as Canada, Australia and New Zealand (CANZ) does—nations that share a common language, common values, common law, common institutions, a common political culture, a common military heritage, a common history and a common head of state, HM the Queen;

And in recognition of the fact that the individual nations of CANZUK require a vision for the 21st century that is cooperative and global in nature, one that is able to leverage its values and strengths in order to best compete with the emerging giants of the world who may not share those values;

And in acknowledgement of the fact that much could be gained for the prosperity, mobility, protection and freedom of our citizens if our nations, for example:

- Established a free trade zone
- Created a dedicated channel for arrival and departure at all ports of entry to allow subjects of Her Majesty’s realms to enter with appropriate decorum and not as “foreigners”
- Increased sharing of embassies and missions around the world to build on the agreements that have already and recently been made to better protect our citizens abroad
- Pooled procurement in defence spending and other large government procurement items to achieve economies of scale and reduce costs on taxpayers
- Caucused in the UN as a geopolitical group (as much as CANZ currently does) and rotated chairmanship of the UK’s permanent seat on the UN Security Council

We, the undersigned, appeal to our respective national governments to create a CANZUK political & defence alliance and free trade zone by the year 2020.

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