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Child Protective Services
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My stepdaughter recenty told her councelor that her biological father forcibly held her down while his wife tried repeircing her already closed ears with another earing.

So the councelor called CPS who failed to call him back for a week. So when he got a caseworker on the phone the councelor told the caseworker what my stepdaughter told him. Well a week later without getting the coucelors records or talking to my stepdaughter they said they would not be investigating and they would put it on file.

This is an outrage and thousands of people around the country have had similar cases.

I am writing this petition do get our Government to make more strict penalties for a CPS caseworker who fails to investigate an allegation of abuse.

Some CPS caseworkers have the best interest of the child at heart, but some treat it like a 9-5 job and just don't care.

It's time for Ohio to stand up for Our children's rights and protect them.

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