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Del Norte County & Government Officials
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Baby R is the minor child of M. T. and R.S. He was born 6-7-06 in Fresno County. Baby R survived a fatal car accident while in utero, was born prematurely, and stayed in the hospital for 7 days. He lived with his mother, maternal Aunt Kimberly Fraser and her family for the first 10 months of his life. He was well loved and cared for in his first home. Baby R moved to Crescent City, CA with his mother and joined his father when he was almost 1 year of age. On November 23, 2007 Baby R was taken into custody of CPS. He has since been in a foster home.

Baby R is soon to be adopted. Kimberly Fraser has petitioned to have Baby R placed back into her home since December 2007. Even though her home has been approved by CPS in Del Norte they have yet to place Baby R in her care.

CPS and Arcata State Adoptions have REFUSED to follow state regulations and family codes. BOTH parents have requested to sign designated relinquishments to me and my husband (Kimberly & Patrick Fraser) and have an APPROVED adoptive home study done. Baby R should be in our home by now!!!!!! CPS & State Adoptions have an agenda here and are dragging their feet!!!!
Please sign if you support Baby R being given back HIS entire biological family. He has 3 siblings that want a relationship with him, he has 10 cousins who want to know him, he has aunts, uncles, great aunts & uncles, second cousins, and a GREAT GREAT Aunt who ALL want to know him. He has a right to know them ALL. It is time to STOP this nonsense and bring him home!

AT the very least any family member, who has the courage & love to care for a child in foster care, they should be treated fairly and given priority over strangers. The love of a biological family is strong;)

We the undersigned call on the State of California to end this travesty and send Baby R home to his maternal Aunt Kimber and Patrick Fraser IMMEDIATELY. Relatives have preference according to code 361.3 (a).

Family code 8700 (f) clearly states that a biological parent can designate who they want to relinquish their child to. AND clearly BOTH parents have been DENIED their rights, by State Adoptions and the Baby R has lingered in Foster Care, even with an approved adoptive home study. What harm has State Adoptions caused this child?

End Baby R's suffering and send him to the Fraser's where he will maintain a relationship with his siblings and his entire biological family.

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