Sutherland Shire Council

Recently Sharks RLFC have put in a submission to Sutherland Shire Council to redevelop Toyota Park and its surroundings. But I strongly object to this because of the sensitivity and the importance to the surrounding environment. "An adult and juvenile sooty tern have been sighted near Towra in recent weeks. According to reports, sooty terns have not been recorded in Sydney for 20 years, being primarily a seabird only coming to shore during the breeding season or bad weather. The sooty tern is listed as vulnerable under the Threatened Species Conservation Act. (Source: Daily Telegraph and NPWS)"

After hearing this I can't allow this redevelopment to go on, so please sign this petition and stop the redevelopment!

The picture is just some of the damage that occurred during the construction of Captain Cook drive.

We the undersigned oppose the Toyota Park Redevelopment for environmental reasons.

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