Mark Scarborough
United States of America

Our teachers in Wisconsin Rapids, WI and various other states have been on the same contract for the past 3 years. I as a student at Lincoln High School feel that this is wrong. I mean I have worked at a resturaunt for a little over a year and have had 3 raises. Personally, I feel that educators deserve to be respected and treated the way we want to be. I wonder how long politicians would be in office if there was no money in it, don't you? Therefore, due to the fact that teachers must put up with unruly school children, pranks, and even work extra hours in order to help us, the younger generation to learn the facts that will help us succeed in life; I believe we should help our teachers by signing this petition and giving it to the Wisconsin Rapids Board of Education.

For the past 3 years, teachers and educators within the Wisconsin Rapids School District have been working under the same contract with no new benefits or even a raise in pay. We, the undersigned, would like to suggest proposing a new contract that is in the works to enable our teachers to get better pay and benefits.

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