Kate Cebrano

The X Factor isn't as successful as its more famous counterpart, Australian Idol. The format of this program is its faulter with the judges choosing the final outcome in the elimination shows. Recently the outcome of this program was completely flawed when the outright favourite was booted from the competition.

Being described as the competition letting this person down was incorrect for the mentor let this person down. Known as the rock kid or jakey b, many believe he had the x factor potential to win the competition.

If you love Jakey B like me and believe he is deserving of an international recording contract then help him out by signing this petition and showing Kate Cebrano the true Aussie talent she was forced to boot from the competition.

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The GIVE JACOB BUTLER AN INTERNATIONAL RECORDING CONTRACT petition to Kate Cebrano was written by Maggie Sapet and is in the category Music at GoPetition.