#Neighborhood Living
Board of the Ellington's Home Owners Association
United States of America

There are a few reasons we want the board to step down and here are some supporting evidence:

1. Grounds are not maintained consistently.

2. Rare communication from board members.
a. Do not return emails
b. Do not return phone calls

3. There is limited communication between board members and also with the community.

4. Money is being spent without proper authorization from community:
a. Purchased a tractor.
b. Hired a maintenance man.
c. Hired someone to put out newsletters.
d. Hired officers; we don't know what their contract
states, how many there are, how much they are
getting paid, etc.

5. Individuals are added to payroll without proper
authorization from community.

6. Vendors come out and are not met by any board
member and leave.

7. Pool is not up to code.

8. Club house dues were raised without proper

9. Board members have been rude and obnoxious with
the community.

10. Promises are made and not kept.
a. The opening of the club house on Sundays.

11. Board members do not show up for scheduled

12. Emergency meeting called by previous treasurer,
which was denied by board members.

13. Not a fully functional board with only 4 members.

14. Monies sent in by homeowners have not been
cashed after months of being held onto or they
have been lost by the board.

15. The board is not forthcoming with information that
is privileged to the community.

We, the undersigned, call on all of the Ellington Community to vote out the current HOA board members. Our community is going down because the current board is not interested enough to put an extra foot forward to follow through on any issues that have been raised at all of the HOA meetings by the community. They have, since conception, continually promised things would get done, but nothing has happened as of today.

We, as a community, need to take our community back and put people on the board who want to keep and maintain it. Please help in getting the old board out and a new board put in place by signing below. Thank you.

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