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1. Puerto Rican Parade Committee Presidential Elections

Cook County States Attorney; Kimberly M. Foxx.

The Puerto Rican Parade Committee, which is located at 1237 N California Ave is a non-profit organization which was establish in 1966. It's purpose is to keep the PR culture and heritage alive through its annual parade, festival, which was proven to be the largest festival that Chicago host, and community awareness. It attracts countless tourist while bringing business to local establishments. Organizing the Parade/Festival is the responsibility of the organizations President ( elected by the Puerto Rican Community). and the committee of his/her choosing. According to the organizations by-laws filed with the State, we the people of the Puerto Rican Community request your urgent intervention and investigation into the numerous violations to the register by-laws by the current President Angel Medina. Mr Medina has been court ordered to hold elections on Sept 2017. His negligent actions and disregard for the Organizations Constitution has caused the deterioration of this City's #1 Festival. Due to a combination of fraudulent performances on the part of Mr. Medina, the community stands to lose the organizations building from which it operates. We are requesting a prompt response from your office as these concerns are of an urgent matter.

2. I value the Pilates classes at Silverdale Hall!

Pilates classes have been running since 2004 at Silverdale Hall, Sydenham, London.

The future of these classes is now uncertain as the management of the hall is to pass from Local Authority Control to Venner Road Hall Premises Management Committee.

3. Open letter on the Equal Opportunities Commission Bill

Dear friends,

We are writing to draw your attention to the Equal Opportunities Commission, Bill to be introduced by the Government, shortly. An important recommendation of the Sachar Committee Report (Report on Social, Economic and Educational Status of the Muslim Community of India), 2006 was the setting up of an Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) in India. The Ministry of Minority Affairs set up a committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Menon to examine and determine the structure of an Equal Opportunity Commission. The Committee submitted its report in 2008, which proposed a draft Equal Opportunity Commission Bill (EOC Bill). The Government also set up an expert committee headed by Dr. Kundu to recommend an appropriate diversity index in living, education and work spaces.

We have drafted an open letter to the Ministry of Minority Affairs, highlighting some of the key concerns with the draft bill and demanding a wider public debate before it is introduced in Parliament. Once, endorsed, we will mail copies of the letter to the Ministry of Minority Affairs and the Prime Minister. We also hope to publish the text of the Open letter in atleast two national newspapers.

Do forward it to other organisations and individuals who would wish to sign the petition.

In Solidarity,

Centre for Study of Social Exclusion,
National Law School of India, Bangalore

4. Exemption for Sunrise Propane explosion victims

On August 10, 2008, a propane explosion occurred at Sunrise Propane, 54 Murray Rd, North York, Ontario, forcing 12,000 residents from their homes.

Due to extensive damage caused by the explosion, not all residents have returned home as they have to rebuild.

Residents who have elected to tear down more than 50% of their existing walls, have learned that their house rebuilding is being treated as "new construction".

This Bylaw is according to Municipal Code, Chapter 851, Water Supply and Chapter 681, Sewer Service. Residents will have to pay the City of Toronto approx $11,000 for upgrades on city property, which does not include the additional expense required to upgrade the pipes on their own property.

Glenn De Baeremaeker, Chair of Public Works & Infrastructure, denied all requests for the issue to be added as an agenda item. He stated in a letter, “I fully understand and sympathize with the situation your constituent is faced with as he rebuilds his home following last summer’s Sunrise Propane blast, there does not appear to be sufficient merit to warrant a request of City Council to exempt this property from the relevant provisions of the Municipal Code”

Several written requests have been submitted to the Mayor's office for assistance. Karen Duffy responsed from the Office of the Mayor, stating that "The Mayor's Office is satisfied that the city is responding to your request. The decision rests with the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee. There will be no meeting scheduled."

A final attempt was made to add the issue to the agenda on the day of the meeting, June 3rd, and Glenn De Baremeaker made a ruling that the request would not be put to a vote and would not be heard by the committee.

Karen Duffy stated the Mayor was powerless to help, and once again said no meeting would be scheduled.

5. Alleviate Pollution and Poverty in Delhi

There is a government body called Delhi Pollution control committee existing in Delhi called DPCC basically established for controlling pollution in this national capital region (DELHI). I being an environment friendly citizen applied for a unit in prime industrial area of New Delhi only after installing and successfully running the required systems for controlling pollution and treatment of Water.

Inspite of giving all possible proofs to the department they made our consent application a big issue and keep on demanding huge amount of money from us which due to no other option we keet on giving them the amount whenever demanded from them. Since I had refused them bribe when they had their first visit after the application, they were exploiting us all the time. In the mean time they were providing consents to the people which were not having systems for controlling pollution installed at their polluting units at a nominal bribe of 12000 This procedure of providing consent to operate polluting manufacturing units after getting bribe and not installing pollution control measures is till today's date ie.27-06-2008 is kept on followed. I complained this matter to CVC (Central Vigilance Commission ) and CBI but of no use.

The member secretary Mrs. Naini Jayaseelan whose office is in secretariat building was continuously abusing me with words I have never heard. She even was torturing me of what kind of science graduation I have attained in front of excise commissioner and then deputy commissioner of DPCC Mrs. Debashree Mukherjee. She was agreeing sometimes and abusing me and my family other time.

6. 230kV Transmission Line Golden Valley, Arizona

This petition is to the Arizona Corporation Commission regarding Unisource's proposed 230kV Transmission Line through Golden Valley, Arizona.

We are asking the Arizona Corporation Commission to look at alternative routes to the ones proposed by Unisource and Transcon.

7. Replace The London 2012 Logo Now!

STOP PRESS: Great News, Due to the amount of strong public feeling, the original petition has now re-opened called:

'Change The London 2012 Logo (extended campaign).'

So in order to consolidate all support, please return to the home page and sign that petition.

Thanks to all who have signed my petition, I have requested that these signatures (1,800 +) be added to the total amount.

- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A new logo has been unveiled for the London 2012 Olympics. I and many others feel it is an embarrassment and portrays our country in the worst possible way.

As a matter of damage limitation, pressure should be maintained in order to bring about the replacement of the logo as soon as possible. This would show the rest of the world that the people of Britain will not put up with such rubbish and that they are listened to.

8. Hands in the back rule

At the commencement of the 2007 season, the AFL Rules Committee made a change to the interpretation of the rule relating to the positioning of a player's hands in the back of an opponent.

They decreed that any form of contact made by the hand in the back of another player, whether to push or just position in a marking contest, was to be penalised with a free kick.

This was a change from the last twenty years, when a free kick was only awarded for a visible and forceful push in the back of an opponent.

The justification for the rule change was to ensure a fairer contest and promote the scoring ability of forwards.

9. Fair and Equal Access to San Anselmo Street Banners

The Town of San Anselmo is proposing to adopt an ordinance that will make the across-the-street banners on Drake and Tunstead and the Hub sign available only to those who have political "pull." The banners and Hub sign are valuable, precious community resources, and they should be made available on a fair and equitable basis to qualified organizations.

There is a Town Council meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 28, at 110 Shaw Drive, behind Safeway. Please sign this petition, and appear at the Town Council meeting to voice your opposition to this unfair ordinance.


For many years, the Town of San Anselmo allowed organizations to advertise “charitable and civic events” on two street banners across Sir Francis Drake Blvd. and Tunstead Ave., and on a sign at the Hub. The street banners and Hub sign were used by most organizations in Town, including the Stapleton Ballet Nutcracker, the Ross Valley School District Yes! Foundation, the Drake Pirate Pancake Breakfast, the Sleepy Hollow Kitchen Tour, the San Anselmo Baseball Association, Lower Brookside Octoberfest, Manor School Winter Faire, the Chamber of Commerce Art and Design Festival and many, many others.

In October 2005, the Town administration approved the display of a street banner for a political campaign (“Yes on Measure B”). Since the Town’s ordinance permitted banners only for “events”, this political campaign sign clearly violated the ordinance. The Town administration allowed it anyway, presumably because the Yes on Measure B Committee was composed of Town Councilmembers. The Yes on Measure B banner was followed by another political banner (“Yes on 73”).

Adoption and Administration of the Emergency Ordinance

In response to many public complaints about these political banners, in November 2005, the Town Council adopted an emergency ordinance prohibiting all parties, other than the Town government itself, from erecting street banners and Hub signs.

In short order, the Town administration violated this ordinance as well. Over the course of the last year, street banners have been displayed by several organizations that are not part of the Town government. These included banners for an organic Farm Stand (a commercial enterprise), Girls on the Run (an event in Tiburon), the San Anselmo Baseball Association (an independent association that is not affiliated with the Town government), and a Fairfax Haunted House (produced by the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce). Each of these banners, displayed with the express approval of the Town administration, violated the emergency ordinance, which limits banners to Town government messages only.

In the meantime, other community organizations saw that the Town was allowing numerous non-Town street banners and signs. When these organizations asked for banner space, their requests were denied, for no valid reason. In addition to violating the Town’s own emergency ordinance, it is patently unfair, not to mention unconstitutional, that the Town administration is able to pick and choose which banners to display.

The Proposed New Ordinance

The Town administration has now proposed a new permanent ordinance, which is similar to the failed emergency ordinance. In the new ordinance, banners are permitted “to promote special events of which the Town is either the sponsor or a co-sponsor.”

The terms “sponsor” and “co-sponsor” are not defined. Is it sufficient for the Town administration to simply say that the Town is a sponsor or co-sponsor? Or does the Town have to contribute any funds or staff time in order for an event to count as a sponsorship or co-sponsorship? Does the Town have to be named as a sponsor or co-sponsor in any publicity materials, or can the Town administration simply agree to be a “silent” co-sponsor?

In addition, there is no indication of who would decide on behalf of the Town whether or not to sponsor or co-sponsor an event. Would it be the Town Council? A Town Commission? Any Town staff member?

And what is the criteria for determining whether to sponsor or co-sponsor an event? Will the Town look at the content of the proposed banner to see whether it is acceptable to the Town? Will the Town look at the organization, and make some determination as to whether that organization’s views and policies fit with the Town government’s view of politics?

The proposed ordinance is flawed in the same way as the emergency ordinance. There are no objective standards as to who can display a banner and who cannot. If a group has “pull” within the Town government, it can request that the Town be a “co-sponsor” of the event. If the Town administration agrees, then the group can use the banner space. If, however, the Town administration decides for whatever reason not to “co-sponsor” the event, then the banner space is not available.

Because the banner space is a public forum created by the government, any right by the government to control access to that forum based on the content of the banner or the organization is clearly an unconstitutional violation of freedom of speech. Under the proposed ordinance, the Town government is allowed to grant or deny access to a valuable public resource, street banner space, based on the content of the banner’s message or the group displaying the street banner. If the proposed ordinance is adopted, the Town would be opened up to fair criticism by any group that did not receive “co-sponsorship” and therefore was denied banner space by the Town administration.

In addition, it is unfair to the community to allow some groups with political pull to get to use this extremely valuable community resource, but then deny its use by others.

The Town administration believes the proposed banner ordinance is legal and constitutional based on a recent court of appeals case. However, the ordinance at issue in that case is dramatically different from the one proposed by the Town. The Town cannot rely on that court case to claim that the proposed banner ordinance is legal and constitutional.

The Citizen’s Sign Committee Recommendation

In January 2006, the Town Council convened a Citizen’s Sign Committee, a group of 21 residents and business owners, to study signage issues. The Sign Committee debated the street banner issues for hours. After several months of weekly meetings, the Sign Committee recommended to the Town Council that street banners and the Hub sign be permitted for the following purposes:

Town-sponsored events, Ross Valley accredited schools, Ross Valley youth organized sporting and cultural events, and 501(c)(6) [chamber of commerce] status for Ross Valley businesses.

What we are seeking

We are simply asking that the Town Council adopt the recommendations of the Citizen’s Sign Committee. Banner space should be allocated on a fair and equal basis to all organizations that meet objective criteria. The banner space is an extremely valuable and precious community resource that should be made generally available to the community, not just to a select few who have political pull.

10. Replace Steve Buyer As Chair of House Veterans Affairs Committee

July 11, 2006

This petition is a response to the measures Steve Buyer R-IN has taken to reduce the benefits our veterans receive when they return home from foreign wars.

In January 2005, the Republican leadership forced out Rep. Christopher Smith, R-N.J., as the chairman of Verteran's Affairs in the US House of Representatives. He was a great ally for the issues close to veterans, but the leadership disliked how close we was to veterans groups, as well as his willingness to expand benefits in a time of war.

Rep. Steve Buyer R-I.N., was the replacement chosen for Rep. Smith, and he has been interminable in his efforts to cut the benefits of veterans. He has attempted to add enrollment fees for entire groups of veterans, increase prescription co-pays for medication, he has sought to redefine a service-connected disability as being only combat related, ect., ect., ect.

Last year (2005) Steve Buyer received a 0 rating on pro-veteran votes from Project Vote Smart. And this as the Chairman of the House Veterans Committee.

In short, Steve Buyer does not have the priorities of veterans at the top of his list. When waiting lists at VA facilities are ever-increasing and America is bringing home hundeds of thousands of new veterans of foreign wars, our country needs to be looking towards giving our veterans the best possible care, and not the least possible benefits.

11. Support the Bush Impeachment Forum

March 11, 2006

This petition is to support the Bush Impeachment committee.

This petition is to let American voices be heard. To help in anyway we can.


Update October 29, 2006

sorry guys, duran duran didnt make it. Its such a shame. Once they put in patti smith & the stooges duran druan will be next.

Update July 22, 2006

Thanks to all who have signed. The rock hall nominees will be annoucned in September.

Update: July 5, 2006

The petition was sent last week so hopeflly the Rock hall committee are reading it. Thanks to all who signed. Results will be posted.

May 30, 2006


October 8, 2005

Duran Duran are one of the best ever electronic pop/rock band from the 80's 90's & now. They were one of the first bands to create a music video.

In the UK alone Duran Duran have had two #1 hits, eight top 5 hits, Fifteen top 10 hits & Thirty top 40 hits. In the US alone they have had two #1 hit, nine top 5 hit's, eleven top 10 hits & fifteen top 40 hits.

In 1984 Duran Duran won both music video grammy awards.

Duran Duran are one of many artist that performed at both live aid & Live 8.

Duran Duran have sold 12 million albums in America & over 70 million albums around the world.

The band released their first album in 1981 which makes them eligible for the rock hall ballot in 2006.

Last September the rock hall had snubbed many artist & bands that debut in 1980. Well if Duran Duran is going to have any chance to be inducted into the hall, then the fans must speak by signing this petition.

The committee will meet after next year's induction to decided which artist/bands will be on the final ballot for the 2007 rock hall induction.

13. Free Frank: New Philadelphia, Illinois STAMP

Dr. Juliet E.K. Walker and the Free Frank New Philadelphia Historic Preservation Foundation launch the Free Frank and New Philadelphia Illinois Commemorative Stamps Campaigns.

Dr. Juliet Elise Kirkpatrick Walker, Founder and Executive Director of the Free Frank New Philadelphia Historic Preservation Foundation (the "Foundation") and the Foundation's advisory committee to promote the Free Frank and New Philadelphia Illinois Commemorative Stamp projects, has officially launched the petition campaigns. The petitions are necessary to garnish enough support to convince the United States Postal Service Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee that the issuance of a commemorative Free Frank and New Philadelphia Illinois stamps is necessary to recognize this extraordinary African-American and the historic event of the town founding in America's history.

Dr. Juliet E.K. Walker and the Foundation Stamp Advisory Committee, is recommending that United States Postage Stamps be issued in honor of Free Frank McWorter (1777-1854) and New Philadelphia, Illinois. The slave-born Free Frank holds the historic distinction of being the first African American town founder. In 1836, he legally platted the frontier town of New Philadelphia, Illinois which in August became the 1st black town to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Also, over a period of 40 years, with profits generated from various enterprises, as both a slave and free black pioneer entrepreneur, Free Frank purchased 16 family members, including himself, from slavery. The total cost, $15,000, adjusting for inflation and the devaluation of the dollar, today, would be $250,000.

Free Frank's life history is found in a carefully researched book, by Dr. Juliet E.K.Walker, Free Frank's great great granddaughter which provides the only documented study of Free Frank's economic life and his town of New Philadelphia- Free Frank: A Black Pioneer on the Antebellum Frontier (Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 1983, 1995), In 1988 Dr. Walker had the gravesite of her great great grandfather placed in the National Register of Historic Places, one of only three Illinois gravesites listed in the National Register. The other two are President Abraham Lincoln and Illinois Senator Stephen Douglas.

According to Dr. Walker the selection of Free Frank and New Philadelphia Illinois to appear on a United States Postal Stamp is imperative because it preserves in our nation's history the life and accomplishments of a great American and a great African-American. Free Frank's life epitomized the basic core values that we all share as Americans, to be free and the pursuit of life liberty and happiness. This recognition is long overdue."

14. Stop the Closure of RMIT Bundoora East Campus

This Petition has been started in an effort to stop the closure of RMIT University's Bundoora East Campus at the end of 2006.

The decision to close the Campus was reached by the Executive Committee of the CS&IT School on Wednesday, 20th July 2005.

On Thursday, 21 July 2005 the following email was sent to students:

"Dear Bundoora Campus Students

Yesterday, the Executive Committee of the CS&IT School made a decision to stop all intake of students into our programs at Bundoora East Campus with the aim of vacating all of our offices at Bundoora by the end of 2006.

This decision was not taken lightly and the Executive Committee realises this decision will have an adverse impact on many of you. The main reason that has led to this decision is that the School has been operating below critical mass at the Bundoora East Campus for some years now. We do not see any major changes occurring in the near future to alter this. The School is therefore unable to provide you with the range of services we consider so vital throughout the duration of your studies. To continue indefinitely with a lack of critical mass is not desirable nor conducive to a quality teaching and learning experience.

Thus, the Executive has decided to concentrate the School's energies into strengthening its teaching and learning activities at the City Campus. Also, yesterday the Teaching Committee of CS&IT decided to continue the C&IT program, but transfer it to the City campus, i.e. the first year courses for this program will be offered at the City Campus in 2006, while second and third year courses will continue at Bundoora for 2006.

Professor Heiko Schroder
Head of School
School of Computer Science & IT
RMIT University"

15. Sullivan County Living Wage

A coalition of local groups, led by Sullivan Peace and Justice, is seeking the enactment of Living Wage legislation in Sullivan County, NY.

This petition is the first step of a campaign to accomplish this -- a petition that calls upon the county legislature to draft a resolution for subsequent enactment.

16. Close Polish commitee of scientific research

This petition asks the Polish Parliament to close one of the last relics of Soviet domination in the free Republic of Poland, the Polish committee of scientific research.

17. US Postage Stamp for Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness

Why it is important to raise public awareness about pulmonary hypertension through a US postage stamp……

Pulmonary Hypertension is a disease classified by a high blood pressure in the lungs. The vessels that supply blood to the lungs constrict, causing pressure to build up on the right side of the heart. Shortness of breath and the gradual enlargement of the heart develop causing right heart failure. PH can be primary (unknown origin) or secondary to other diseases such as scleroderma, sickle cell anemia, and heart disease.

By raising awareness about PH we can help to save lives. PH has become known as a "silent killer". The average patient goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed on average for 1 year. PH is still considered rare, only affecting about 200,000 US citizens per year. However it is believed many more have PH and do not know it. Depending on the responsiveness to treatment, survival rates in the PH patient vary from 20 years. However, 30% of patients, after diagnosis, do not survive beyond the 4 year mark, even with the most advanced treatments.

Doctors and researchers continue to make great strides in their studies of several new promising treatments that may prolong lives, as well as improve quality of life. A gene has now been identified linking familial ph. Currently new treatments are available that benefit many patients. By supporting ongoing research efforts, we can develop the tools needed to battle, treat and eventually cure PH.

Please sign this petition today to Urge the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee to vote on the creation of a stamp to raise awareness for PH. Together it is possible that we will find a cure for this devastating disease.

18. Current East Cluster (Partial) Boundry Concerns

The Boundry Committee and the School Board at large are considering moving Mackenzie Meadows/Cobblestone Trail neighborhood students from Stinson Elementry to Miller Elementary.

19. Save Our Farm in Kent

By Astor of Hever YFC Committee.

Please help to save our School farm from being closed down.

20. ATV'S should be allowed on road shoulders


21. Downtown Public Transit Service in Lewiston

A petition started on June 21, 2004 asking for the Lewiston-Auburn Transit Committee to investigate extending transit service to the Lewiston Multipurpose Center and B Street Community Center in downtown Lewiston.

22. Grand March Petition

I, Tiffany Ethier, as the student representative for our Grad 2004, Grand March committee, believe that we should be able to decide who we can and cannot have as our partner in OUR Grand March.

Graduation is our time to shine and we would like the adults who are telling us that this is the tie for us to act like adults, well give us a chance to prove it to you and let us make this decision on our own. Thank you to all who have sighed this petition.

23. Citius, Altius, Fortius

The International Olympic Committee, in their infinite wisdom, have decided that those who cannot compete at an "Olympic" standard are no longer welcome to participate in future Olympic Games.

This decision goes against the basic Olympic Creed, which Baron de Coubertin installed in 1896. It states the following:

"The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well."

Those who support this elitist decision are thumbing their nose at the very ideals that Baron de Coubertin envisioned when he brought back the Olympic Games.

24. Stop Victimisation of Talat Butt



Talat Butt is a worker from Kashmir based in Sweden and working at M/S Birger Jarl - the old name for the Baltic Star when it was under the Panamanian flag. He started working on board in November 1997. Along with his 24 Pakistani colleagues, he was used as cheap labour in grave violation of the Swedish law. Talat Butt had a 12-hour working day for seven days a week. This went on for 21 months without a single day off. His wage was less then SEK 7,000 (approximately $750 or Euros) a month.

He started a struggle against this injustice. Working class organisations including SEKO Sjöfolk gave him help in his just struggle. After a long fight, he won equal rights according to the Swedish laws for the non-EU workers. It cost the company - Rederi - around SEK 5,000,000 (half a million dollars) for 24 workers. For more information see:

New situation:
By early 2002, Rederi changed its flag and registered itself with the Swedish flag. Using its new registration, the company tried to make use of European Union laws to fire us.

Talat Butt, one more time, started a campaign to save our jobs and for an improvement in our working conditions. As a result, he had to face deportation from Sweden during this campaign. The Swedish Immigration police arrested him from his work place and detained him for two hours. The police had to release him as there was no charge against him to keep him in custody.

Next day, however, when Talat Butt went onto the boat for work, he was stopped by the police with a notice served by Rederi. The company, through this notice, had banned him from going on the boat either for work or for meeting his colleagues. The company was afraid that his visits on board would help other workers getting organised.

Meantime, Rederi announced 25 vacancies for stewards through the Arbetformadeling (Labour Exchange). These jobs were announced without serving us any prior notice.

Talat Butt, along with his colleagues and some working class organisations, formed a "Solidarity Committee for Justice on the Baltic Star". The Committee launched a campaign to stop the deportation of Rederi´s non-European workers.

Visa denied
Following this struggle, Migrationsverket (the Immigration Office) granted 18-month work permits to all the workers but not to Talat Butt. (Again, more information also at:

Rederi didn't find any reason to lay off Talat, but still his employment papers were not sent to the Migrationsverket for his work permit. He was however getting his full salary meantime.

Rederi, in November 2002, offered Talat Butt a job in a meeting with SEKO Sjöfolk. The job was offered on "M/S Harley-Davidson" to solve the conflict. However, after one month, Rederi withdrew the job offer.

This state of affairs went on until 28th of February 2003 when the Migrationsverket finally denied Talat Butt any visa as Rederi management had deliberately avoided sending relevant papers to the Migrationverket.

The company has manoeuvred in order to fire him by denying him his stay and work permit in Sweden. This is just a tactic to fire him.

This is clear victimisation for his peaceful, just and bold struggle for working class rights guaranteed by the Swedish law. This also is an attempt to make an example out of him for those who want to struggle for justice and equal rights.

Demands of the campaign: Stop the victimisation! Grant a work permit for Talat Butt! Allow SEKO Sjöfolk intervention to help Talat Butt!

Sign an appeal to stop victimisation of Talat Butt by Swedish Rederi Allandia.

Stödkommittén för rättvisa på Baltic Star (Solidarity Committee for Justice on Baltic Star).
More info:

Contact:Talat Butt 0704418438, e-mail:

Arne Johansson 0709903840, e-mail:

25. Save GU in Florence

This is a petition to fight the Gonzaga University administration in the untimely and unauthoritated removal of Fr. Bruno and Fr. Via from the Gonzaga-in-Florence administration.

26. SDHP Col. Juan N. Seguin Postage Stamp Project

Petition to the Stamp Advisory Committee from the citizens of the Texas And the USA for the issuance of a Postage Stamp of Col. Juan N. Seguin in Honor of his contribution to Texas And its History. Col. Seguin fought to see all Texans free and Independent.

Congressman Gene Green of the 29th Congressional District of the United States House of Representatives, Washington, DC, has introduced legislation requesting that the United States Postal Service [USPS] recognize Col. Juan Nepomuceno Seguin with the issuance of a postage stamp in his honor. As requested by Angel and Linda Seguin Garcia in 1998, Col. Juan N. Seguin strongly believed in the freedoms that we enjoy today. He was fair-minded, just, and fought for basic human rights for all people despite risk of imprisonment or death. He was one of the key leaders in the Texas War for Independence.

As territorial governor of Texas from July 1834 to February 1835, he protested the dismantling of the Mexican Republic by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, and was the first to sound the alarm in response to these tryrannical actions. He renounced Gen. Santa Anna's overturning of the Republican Constitution of 1834 which had granted all citizens and subjects of Mexico their basic human rights.

27. Inclusion of credit for Creative Writing courses as requirements for English major

This petition serves to implore you to please consider including Creative Writing courses offered in the English department here at Washington and Lee University as requirements for students wishing to major in English.

As it stands, it is simply unfair to students who wish to concentrate in this area within the major and not be able to have the credit fulfill a requirement for the major. Learning to write well is an important feature of a Washington and Lee education and a special emphasis in the English Department, where all courses involve instruction in writing. While students at Washington and Lee cannot major in writing, it would be appreciated if they could receive credit towards the major for all Creative Writing courses taken and passed at this university.

Some basic research has been undertaken regarding Washington and Lee's peer institutions and it was found that following schools not only offer credit for Creative Writing courses, but also count that credit as requirements for the major:

Vassar College, Smith College, Grinnell College, Wesleyan University, Haverford College, Davidson College, Middlebury College, Bowdoin College, Carleton College
Amherst College

In fact, Middlebury College offers "over twenty different courses a year on various aspects of creative writing: fiction, poetry, playwrighting, screenwriting, and nonfiction." And all courses & credit are counted towards the English major.

Further, "Creative writing is a valued part of the curriculum at Bowdoin."

If these highly selective, well-respected colleges accept credit for the major, why does Washington and Lee not? We, the undersigned, implore you to please reconsider your stand in this regard and to overturn the decision reached by your committee.

28. House Judiciary Committee vote on SCNT

The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, February 12, is
expected to vote on legislation, H.R. 534, by Rep. Dave Weldon (R-FL)
regarding human cloning.

The bill, as currently written, would ban human reproductive cloning, but would also halt promising embryonic stem cell research, because the bill imposes criminal penalties on researchers who use SCNT technology
to produce stem cells for research. The bill applies to privately funded
research as well as publicly funded research.

SCNT involves removing the nucleus of an unfertilized egg cell, replacing it with the material from the nucleus of a "somatic cell" (a skin, heart, or nerve cell, for example), and stimulating this cell to begin
dividing. Once the cell begins dividing, stem cells can be extracted
5-6 days later and used for research.

Most scientists believe that stem cells derived from SCNT could be very important in the development of measures to prevent or treat

Most U.S. House members have supported embryonic stem cell research and want to see its potential benefits maximized. H.R.534's ban on SCNT would mean that researchers would be unable to fully maximize embryonic stem cell research opportunities.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) will offer an amendment to make an exception to the bill to ensure that the penalties in the bill do not apply to the use of SCNT to produce stem cells. However, the bill would continue to ban human reproductive cloning.

Ask the Member to support stem cell research by voting for the Lofgren amendment.

P.S. We also thought you may be interested in the following letter
recently sent by former First Lady Nancy Reagan to Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), expressing her opposition to a ban on SCNT to produce stem cells.

Office of Nancy Reagan January 29, 2003
Dear Orrin,
As you may know, Ronnie will observe his ninety second birthday soon. In earlier times, we would have been able to celebrate that day with great joy
and wonderful memories of our life together. Now, while I can draw strength from these memories, I do it alone, as Ronnie struggles in a world
unknown to me or the scientists who devote their lives to Alzheimer's
research. Because of this, I am determined to do what I can to save other families from this pain.
I'm writing, therefore, to offer my support for stem cell research and to
tell you I'm in favor of new legislation to allow the ethical use of
therapeutic cloning. Like you, I support a complete ban on reproductive
cloning. However, I believe that embryonic stem cell research, under
appropriate guidelines, may provide our scientists with many answers
that are now beyond our grasp.
Orrin, there are so many diseases than can be cured, or at least helped,
that we can't turn our back on this. We've lost so much time already. I
can't bear to lose any more.


The Honorable Orrin Hatch
United States Senate
104 Hart Senate Office Building
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29. Manifesto against Bullfighting

The Anti Bullfighting Committee Netherlands campaigns against the cruel tradition of bullfighting. Main tasks of the Committee are informing tourists not to visit bullfights, publishing a newsletter and organizing protest actions. The Committee cooperates with anti bullfighting organisations in Spain, France and Portugal and lobbies on the European Union.

Founded in 1991, the Committee has 18.000 supporters, 4 professionals who work at the central office in Utrecht and 150 volunteers throughout the country.

By giving us your signature, you are supporting the current campaign in which we demand the European Union to discontinue the subventions for breeding bulls.

“Bullfighting is cruel, horrible and unacceptable. Stop the torturing and killing of bulls for entertainment. I demand from the European Union to forbid this useless and barbarous bloodshed in all member countries”.

With this manifesto the Anti Bullfighting Committee Netherlands fights this form of organized crime against animals. In collaboration with several other European organizations struggling for animal welfare.

30. Bethel Seven-Day Adventist Church

This petiton is to ensure that our pastor will be able to reside at Bethel for as long as he can on a fair and honest basis.