Gonzaga Board of Trustees

This is a petition to fight the Gonzaga University administration in the untimely and unauthoritated removal of Fr. Bruno and Fr. Via from the Gonzaga-in-Florence administration.

We, the students, supporters, faculty, donors and alumni of Gonzaga and Gonzaga-in-Florence submit the following petition to the Gonzaga Board of Trustees.

Please see below our wishes in reconciling this situation:

1. Fr. Moynahan, Spitzer and McCambridge should be removed from the search committee.

2. Fr. Bruno and Via should be placed on the search committee with one full
vote per piece.

3. Fr. Bruno and Via should have influence to the other three replacement members of the search committee.

4. It should be recognized that the search committee will select a new Dean -- not alter the logistics, scheduling and/or set up of the GU program. Those decisions should be left to the new Dean.

5. Candidates for the new position will not be limited to Jesuits as per the Gonzaga University charter.

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