Southeastern Conference
United States of America

This petiton is to ensure that our pastor will be able to reside at Bethel for as long as he can on a fair and honest basis.

We as members in the church place our signatures on this petition to show how much we support our pastor and the wonderful things that he has installed in our church community. Although we may not be on the committee we hope that the committee will take our signatures into consederation when making a desicion on this matter. As children of God we are bound to do the right thing and sometimes the devil will twist and confuse us as to what is the right thing. Please help us to rectify this situation so that we the members and the committee of Bethel Sevenday Adventist can be satifisd. It would be a great injustice to lose our pastor to political warfare amongest the committee members. We as members of the church made the committee and we should be able to remove them if they are not doing an honest and fair job.

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