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Since the Gulf War, the United States' sanctions on Iraq have killed over 700,000 children.

This crime of a mass scale has sent an uproar throughout the world - so much so that the very nation that Iraq attacked has violated the sanctions and sent aid to Iraq's children.

This crime is so inhumane that prominent individuals like Doctors, Entertainers and other professionals from the United States have donated goods to Iraq. Some entertainers like Val Kilmer even went there to express their sentiments for the children.

Wars happen - but inhumane systematic holocaust of children should not accepted.

We the undersigned inform you that U.S. sanctions on Iraq are not weakening Saddam's regime - but are only killing hundreds or thousands of children every day. To kill 700,000 children is not an act of war but a crime. The United States of America should set examples of peace, love and goodwill. We petition you to repeal the sanctions on Iraq so the coming generation of Iraqis will be pro U.S. and bring a change in their countries that will be for the best of all.

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