Non Old Firm Scottish Premier League football clubs

As you will have seen in the press. This season, Rangers and Celtic sent proposals to all other SPL clubs asking them to pay a 5% surcharge to distribute tickets to their own supporters for away matches.

i.e If Celtic played Hearts at Tynecastle last season. Hearts sent tickets to Celtic and Celtic sold them. The money for these tickets then went back to Hearts.

This season Celtic would only send 95% of that money back.

All of the SPL clubs disagreed with these plans.

This morning (1st August 2008) Dundee United have stated that they have had to accept this 5% charge as Celtic have told them "If you don't pay, we don't take ANY tickets!" which stands to cost United £100,000.

In other words. The two biggest clubs in Scotland are now standing together to BULLY the smaller teams out of money that most of them can ill afford.

It's time for the 10 other clubs to test the resolve of Rangers and Celtic. If they threaten to send no fans. Fine! Sell those tickets to your own fans. Create an atmosphere that is as biased as the ones you face at Ibrox and Parkhead. Or close those areas of the ground that they normally take up saving money in policing and stewarding costs.

We, the undersigned, call on all 10 non Old Firm members of the Scottish Premier League to stand together against Rangers and Celtic and to throw out plans for this 5% away tickets surcharge!

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