United States of America

June 2, 2005
Enforce the Death Penalty

To Strongly Support means you believe: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life. The death penalty is appropriate punishment for murder, as a form of justice regardless of the deterrence effect.
Support means you believe: The death penalty and other strict forms of law enforcement will reduce the crime rate by removing criminals from the streets and by deterring others from criminal acts. Capital punishment laws should be enforced.

Capital punishment is effective. No one has proven a "wrongful death" in any modern state executions. Stricter penalties reduce violent crime.

We keep building new prisons. Why don't we get rid of the criminals that don't value a persons life? Get rid of the ones that rape and kill our innocent children. Get rid of the criminal that can rape and kill an elderly woman. Get rid of the criminal that can kill an innocent store clerk. Let's teach the new generation, killing is a definite death penalty.

Why do they live better than some of our other hard working Americans? I am tired of supporting these convicted child and adult killers. Are we supporting them for the pain they have caused those that have lost loved ones?

Now we have kids killing kids. Is our society letting them think it is okay? If we start the Death Penalty now, we can keep some kids from going into crime.

I say enforce the death penalty. Put the criminals where they have put the innocent victims. It is time to take a stand. Wake our system up.


Enforce the Death Penalty for those that kill the innocent.

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