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CrossGeneration Comics
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CrossGen Comics (www.crossgen.com) recently announced the premature cancellation of several of its titles.

'Ruse' is one of them.

A fabulous and inventive mix of pseudo-Edwardianism, steampunk, fantasy and featuring great art and some wonderful banter between the two leads, Simon Archard and Emma Bishop, this was one of the first comics CrossGen produced.

It still has so many stories to tell, and so many loose ends to tie up. It would be an injustice to let this great publication vanish so soon, after only 26 issues.

If you love 'Ruse', please sign here and help the fans send a message to CG Comics - that Simon and Emma aren't done yet!

(There is also a similar petition run by someone else for 'Solus', here: http://gopetition.com/info.php?petid=3088)

We, the undersigned, declare our desire to see Ruse brought back from cancellation before its time. We believe there is much more to tell than can be done justice in these last few issues. Please, reconsider this decision!

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