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Petition to the US Congress to expel Senator Tom Daschle and Rep. Dick Gephardt.

We, the undersigned, petition the US Congress to expel Tom Daschle and Dick Gephardt for various crimes committed.
1.Tom Daschle held a fundraiser at Mt. Rushmore-a national park-which is illegal. 2.Using his power and influence to halt Forest Service inspection of B&L Aviation which resulted in a plane crash that killed three doctors. Murl Bellew, a close friend of Daschle's, runs the airline.
It was investigated by the Senate Ethics Committee, but those files are sealed. 3.Gephardt and campaign aides set up an assault on his 2000 Republican opponent William Federer. They manufactured a criminal charge against him and stalked him.
4. A bank founded by DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe--which federal regulators determined used unsafe and unsound banking practices--awarded an "unusual and unsecured" loan to Gephardt in the late 80s. The bank gave Gephardt $125,000 for his failed presidential campaign.

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