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Each and every independent music label in the entire freaking world.

Started on the 26th of February 2003, the "Sign to Have Mary Signed!" Campaign is an absurd act of self-indulgence in which the author, frustrated by her inability to record & press a five-song mini-album due to harrowing student poverty, somehow got the bright(?) idea of creating an online petition in which friends and foes could voice their desire to see Mary Bichner adopted by an established independent music label, so that they might purchase the resulting mini-album such a partnership would yield.

Most likely the campaign shall prove to be superfluous, as the A&R agents at Matador Records certainly have far better things to do with their time than pay attention to a crazy little redheaded synesthete and her pathetic stabs at generating creative publicity, but reason and logical thinking have never stopped Mary from doing anything ridiculous before. Thank you.

As an ashamed, reluctant admirer of Mary Bichner's left-of-the-middle musical compositions, I hereby implore any and all independent record labels to consider signing the aforementioned artist to their ranks, so that she might have access to the resources necessary to allow her to record, press, and distribute her very first CD, a five-song mini-album entitled "Off da Hook". I could also go for a nice ham sandwich right about now, so if you could stop by Subway on your way home from the office for me I'd really, really appreciate it. Arigatou! :D

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