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1. Reinstate Brandon Coats to his Dish Network job

Brandon Coats was fired from his job at Dish Network and his case is now before the Colorado Supreme Court. Brandon was fired for using marijuana off the job. Brandon is a quadriplegic and uses marijuana medicinally to control a variety of symptoms.

He was a model employee with an unblemished record when he was sent for a random drug test and tested positive for marijuana. Dish Network fired him and now Brandon is having his case heard by the Court.

I believe it is time Dish Network hear from the court of public opinion.

2. Help Brandon: help those with Muscular Dystrophy

My cousin, Brandon - a 21 Year old Ottawa man has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a degenerative disease of the muscles that has him confined to wheelchair. He suffers from heart and respiratory problems and weighs only 67lbs. His life depends on a special diet, one that permits him to swallow without choking.

Recently the Ministry of Community and Social Services decided that Brandon & others with same disease will no longer receive an allowance. There are 14 diseases that are eligible for the allowance, including anorexia nervosa, cirrhosis, congestive heart failure, HIV/Aids and MS. Brandon's mother asked Dalton McGuinty to help and his constituency office suggested she start a petition.

3. BU Alumni Support BUFA

BU Alumni Support BUFA Legal Job Action.

4. AA Midget Female Team

Two proposals have been forwarded to our local Brandon Youth Hockey Association (BYHA) to request the formation of a stand alone AA Female Midget hockey team for the upcoming 2007 - 2008 season.

Both proposals have been declined as an earlier survey of midget aged potential families suggested that there was not enough support to warrant a team. At the time of the survey very little information was known about what a stand alone team may look like and what type of schedule and costs would be involved.

A group of individuals with girls involved in Midget hockey would like the opportunity to hold tryouts for a stand alone team and offer detailed information as to what a stand alone AA team scheudle and costs would look like to those interested in playing at this level.

Tryouts would be held at the earliest possible time in September. Potentially the week players return to school.

5. Establish Parallel Parking Spots at UAHS

For many years, those students at Upper Arlington High School that lack the privilege of owning a parking spot have been faced with the plight of parking on the street. There are too many student-drivers to fit everyone within the two blocks next to the high school, especially when the vast majority of these drivers park four or five feet from the next car, wasting valuable space.

We - the students, faculty, and surrounding residents of Upper Arlington High School - wish to end this lack of organization before we start into the new-year. There would be no better way to start 2004 than by lowering the rate that students are tardy, unblocking the resident's driveways, cutting the number of parking tickets, and stopping all parking in apartment visitor spots.

With your permission, we wish to better this city's high school by painting parallel parking spots down both sides of Brandon and Mt. Holyoke Roads, similar to those flanking Northam Park on Ridgeview and Northam Roads.

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