Alumni of Brandon University

BU Alumni Support BUFA Legal Job Action.

BU Alumni Statement of Support

October 6, 2008

As alumni of Brandon University, we the undersigned truly believe that BU is “something special”. At the heart of the institution are its faculty members, and we believe that they deserve a fair and negotiated settlement. We are disappointed with the current administration’s desire to proceed to binding arbitration, and believe that this would not be in the best interests of faculty.

Specifically, we support the Brandon University Faculty Association’s demands for fair working conditions, including:

 The competitive wages necessary to attract and retain the outstanding faculty for which we believe Brandon University should be known;

 Pensions commensurate with the years of dedicated service faculty have contributed to the advancement of the University, its programs, and its students;

 The preservation of academic freedom and freedom of expression that lie at heart of true education; and

 Teaching workloads that are conducive to and supportive of high standards of scholarly and creative activity.

We endorse the Faculty Association’s quest for a fair and negotiated settlement, and support fully BUFA’s decision to take legal job action until a negotiated settlement is reached.

We stand united behind our former professors who were, and continue to be, what makes BU truly “something special”.

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