Rosendale-Brandon Board of Education
United States of America

The Rosendale-Brandon School Board is voting to move Brandon Middle School to Rosendale in January 2021. So far they have unanimously supported removing our Middle School! Not only would this be devastating to our kids, it would also impact the entire community - businesses, home values, etc. After the high school was taken out of Brandon, many businesses slowly shut their doors. This trend will continue if we keep shipping our children out of town for education! There will likely be a referendum in the near future so we need all of our taxpayers to pledge to vote "NO" to any future referendum for our school district if they vote to move our Middle School from Brandon to Rosendale.

We, the undersigned, do not support the removal of Brandon Middle School and will vote "NO" to any future referendums for the Rosendale-Brandon School District.

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