The legislative bodies of the civilized world

On September 11th, 2001, the terrorist world declared war on the United States. But the terrorist world has been at war with much of the rest of the civilized world for quite some time already. It is time for the civilized world to defend itself.

This is a petition asking the civilized world to unite to prosecute war against terrorist organizations and the states that harbor them.

We petition the legislative bodies of the civilized world: To declare war on terrorist organizations, to destroy these groups and others like them by killing as many of their members as is possible. To ask countries wherein these groups exist to choose either to take the lead role in promoting the War Against Terrorists within their borders, or to have war declared upon them. To ask countries wherein no such groups exist to ally militarily with the United States to promote the War Against Terrorists until victory. To minimize atrocity and collateral damage to the extent possible without interfering with the civilized world's ability to destroy the enemy as quickly and thoroughly as possible. To install in the government offices of defeated nations officials who accept principles of democracy and liberty. To evaluate the validity of the social and political goals and claims of the terrorist organizations notwithstanding the violence they use to further those claims.

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