All Australian State and Territory Governments

In 1998, for the first time in history, Australian losses at poker machines exceeded national savings. One poker machine in every ten on earth sits in the pubs and clubs of NSW. Australians gambled more than $73 billion in 1996. During 1997-98, the major form of gambling was poker/gaming machines which accounted for net takings of $6.4 billion or 58% of the total net takings from gambling.

The devastating social effects caused by poker machines are not fully understood. However, some families are known to spend their whole pay each week on poker machines and rely on charities to feed their children.

Many of Australia's great pubs have replaced their pool tables and beer gardens with rooms full of poker machines. It's time to stop this madness!

To all Australian State and Territory Governments: We, the undersigned, believe that poker machines are hurting the people of Australia. We petition that you take action to reduce the number of poker machines in pubs and clubs.

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The No Pokies petition to All Australian State and Territory Governments was written by Stuart Williams and is in the category Business at GoPetition.