Any artist who believes illustration is art and should be a major!

The idea for an illustration major has been juggled around the Herron faculty for a few years now. In the past, it has nearly gone through to become a viable major among the other fine arts and visual communications majors. But each time it has inexplicably fallen short.

I think the main issue of it not becoming a major is that there is such a demand for it, the school is afraid an Illustration major will take away students from the other Fine Arts Majors. But in a school that offers Visual Communications (design in advertisements), and Printmaking (much of which look like illustrations) as majors, I think this is a pretty weak excuse. And, why would it not be considered art?!

I am outraged and believe it’s time to for the students, and artist everywhere, to make a stand!

For more information about Herron, please visit there website: www.herron.iupui.edu

We, the Herron art students and artist everywhere, call on Herron: School of Art and Design to make Illustration a major.

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