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1. Appeal for the city of Derna

The UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Libya, Maria Ribeiro, expresses concerns over reports of severe shortages of basic necessities, including life saving medical supplies due to the conflict in Derna. This is has a negative impact on people’s health and wellbeing and, if prolonged, would lead to serious humanitarian conditions.

“I urge all parties to consider the safety and the wellbeing of the civilians a top priority and allow for the safe delivery of humanitarian supplies to ensure continued access to basic services, especially health”, said Maria Ribeiro.

The United Nations, through the Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is monitoring the situation on the ground and working with all Humanitarian partners to respond to the evolving situation in Derna.

The Humanitarian Coordinator urges all parties to the conflict to respect Humanitarian and Human Rights law to ensure the protection of civilians.

2. Free Iranian Ahwazi Arab Poet Ahmad Hazbawi

June 23, 2015--Iranian Ahwazi Arab poet and cultural activist Ahmad Hazbawi, who has a six-year-old child, was arrested by Intelligence Service officials at his workplace in the city of Ahwaz on 8 April 2015.

Ahmad, son of Sabhan (aka Abu Motasar), a 31-year-old, poet from Qalat Chanaan village, was detained on the formal charge of supposedly supporting the operation led by the Saudi Arabian government against Huthis terrorist and proxy of Iranian regime in Yemen. In fact, the poet was arrested in connection with a 25 –word Arabic poem after the poet read this before a jubilant crowd, consisting mainly of youth, in a video which was recorded on 27 March 2015.

When arrested, the Ahwazi poet was thrown into the car after being dragged on the ground by the arresting security agents.

Ahmad has since called his relatives a few times, but there is no any information about his whereabouts in detention. His relatives have frequently asked authorities about their loved one's condition, but the officials have so far evaded any response.

He has now spent approximately 75 days somewhere in a prison cell of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and his relatives have expressed concern about their beloved's well-being.

The Ahwazi Arabs activists criticize the silence of human rights about ongoing Human Rights violations in Iran as Karim Dahimi, Human rights activist said

The Iran’s authorities have continued the systematic Human Rights violations in the region and Ahwazi Arabs activists have expressed dissatisfaction of the silence by international community.

On the plight of the Ahwazi Arab minority in Iran, one human rights group has observed: “Since 1925, the people of Ahwaz have been subjected to summary executions, forced displacement, and destruction of homes and personal property. Due to the current sectarian fundamentalist regime in Iran, the Ahwazi Arab people live in constant fear of repression."

By: Kaveh Taheri

Source: BCR Group

3. Allow Egyptians abroad voting rights in all upcoming elections

Egyptians abroad do not have the right to vote.

4. Stop Puppy Mills In Jordan

The Humane Center for Animal Welfare in Jordan raided a puppy mill in the Jordan Valley. Workers at the mill were sickened by the treatment of the animals, and approached the Humane Center for Help. The breeder in charge of the farm is suing to get her "property" back, and there are no laws to stop her.

Please sign and show the Jordanian government that animal welfare is not just about animals, it's about humanity. Thank you.

5. Stop the Israeli Incursion

As of December 27, 2008, Gaza strip has been bombarded by indiscriminate Israeli bombing, which has caused the deaths of many innocent civilians.

In the following day, CNN has reported that the "second day of aerial attacks brought the death toll in Gaza close to 300. Hundreds more people have been injured."

6. Remove "Gettin' Arab Money" from Radio

Although it is understood that the First Amendment guarantees the right to freedom of speech, we believe that the lyrics of the song "Gettin' Arab Money" present the Middle East, Arab culture, and Islam in a negative and orientialist light. “I make ya bow down, make salaat like a Muslim” is an attack on a ritual that is considered divine and sacred in the Islamic tradition. Lyrics such as “women walking around while security on camelback” present the Middle East in a racist and backwards fashion, during an era when equal and unbiased understanding is necessary.

Such lyrics portray Arabs as being ancient and unmodernized, and provides those in the west with sentiments of superiority. Such sentiments lead to prejudice, intolerance, and bigotry.

If such a song were to be released by Arabs targeting Jews, by white Americans targeting African-Americans, or by Latinos targeting Asians, such widespread acceptance would not be present. The slanderous aspects of cinematic and musical history that has been essentially unchallenged must come to an end.

The persistence of these images over time will served to naturalize prejudicial attitudes towards Arabs and Arab culture, and in the process reinforce a narrow view of individual Arabs, indirectly effecting US domestic and international policies. “Gettin’ Arab Money” must be removed from station play-lists, as there is an urgent need for counter-narratives that do justice to the diversity and humanity of Arab people and the reality and richness of Arab culture.

7. Stop the Arab-Israeli Conflict

The Arab-Israeli Conflict, a major issue, is ruining the World.

Many Jews had been explelled from the world and they need a place to live. And your gonna start a Conflict just for that? Many inoccent people have been killed becuase of this conflict.

The conflict has been ongoing for 52 YEARS. You think its enough? Israel needs our help 450,000 Israelis and Palestines have joined to stop the Conflcit and Crisis Isreal has been suffering. I think Israel should be Renamed to New Palestine or The Hebrew State. And better treating.


8. Stop creating racists and terrorists in the UK

People from the Muslim world have been settling in the U.K. for generations now and yet over the last 10 years the current of Racism has prevailed so strongly against people of that religion that even children who bear Arabic/Muslim names are treated inhumanely by officials of the Government especially the policies from Immigration and Citizenship.

Hilal Ali a mixed race child of African and Lebanese parentage. Parents divorced, Hilal moved to Lebanon with his father and family. His father remarried an English wife. When the war in Lebanon took the lives of most of his family, The Ali family moved to the U.K. Hilal, grew up in Essex and aged 14, his "mother" applied for his right to remain as her child in the U.K.she was advised to send him back to Lebanon still at war and with no living family there.

He remained in the U.K. and has lived here for the last 22 years. He was issued with all the documents given to a Naturalised Citizen, i.e.National Insurance/Tax code. Hilal many years ago realised his name was the cause of additional racism and so he had his name changed by deed poll. The Immigration has been in receipt of all his school, work, travel and work documents and each time he has applied over the years he has submitted the required. This week Mr Ali received a letter to say they have refused him his rights of abode and he can expect to be returned. But to where? He has no cultural links with Lebanon and there is a fear that this English man is a traitor or a spy and his life will be in grave danger.

The anger which comes from continuous racist policies of colour as well as religions has become real for many Muslim youths and they are LIVING IN THE U.K. The climate created by this Government is one of complete mistrust and disappointment and I know there are many Muslim communities where this is taking root and creating a new race of terrorists and counteractive racists.

The helpline given from Labour MP for Streatham is appreciated but he is alone and perhaps because of his large Asian/Afro Caribbean voters he is all too familiar with the realisation that Racism against children as adults will create terrorism within the society and the world, where those "refused" are sent to start a new life often in countries where the wars continue. The majority of such 'Refused' are African or Muslim.