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United Arab Emirates

British Emirati Filmmaker Layla Kaylif, who's directorial debut feature film "The Letter Writer" based on her award winning original screenplay, and part of the official selection at the Lebanese Independent Film Festival, has approached local distributor VOX to release her feature film in the U.A.E.

VOX distributors, owned by the Majid al Futtaim group, have a mandate to support local independent Emirati Cinema.

We are asking for people to sign this petition, requesting VOX to support Emirati filmmakers and release Layla Kaylif's film.

"We the undersigned, call on VOX distributors to support British Emirati Layla Kaylif's film "The Letter Writer" by releasing it nationwide in the U.A.E.

The Support Emirati Filmmaker Layla Kaylif petition to VOX was written by Layla Kaylif and is in the category Films & Movies at GoPetition.