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June 23, 2015--Iranian Ahwazi Arab poet and cultural activist Ahmad Hazbawi, who has a six-year-old child, was arrested by Intelligence Service officials at his workplace in the city of Ahwaz on 8 April 2015.

Ahmad, son of Sabhan (aka Abu Motasar), a 31-year-old, poet from Qalat Chanaan village, was detained on the formal charge of supposedly supporting the operation led by the Saudi Arabian government against Huthis terrorist and proxy of Iranian regime in Yemen. In fact, the poet was arrested in connection with a 25 –word Arabic poem after the poet read this before a jubilant crowd, consisting mainly of youth, in a video which was recorded on 27 March 2015.

When arrested, the Ahwazi poet was thrown into the car after being dragged on the ground by the arresting security agents.

Ahmad has since called his relatives a few times, but there is no any information about his whereabouts in detention. His relatives have frequently asked authorities about their loved one's condition, but the officials have so far evaded any response.

He has now spent approximately 75 days somewhere in a prison cell of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and his relatives have expressed concern about their beloved's well-being.

The Ahwazi Arabs activists criticize the silence of human rights about ongoing Human Rights violations in Iran as Karim Dahimi, Human rights activist said

The Iran’s authorities have continued the systematic Human Rights violations in the region and Ahwazi Arabs activists have expressed dissatisfaction of the silence by international community.

On the plight of the Ahwazi Arab minority in Iran, one human rights group has observed: “Since 1925, the people of Ahwaz have been subjected to summary executions, forced displacement, and destruction of homes and personal property. Due to the current sectarian fundamentalist regime in Iran, the Ahwazi Arab people live in constant fear of repression."

By: Kaveh Taheri

Source: BCR Group

WHEREAS: Ahwazi Arab poet Ahmad Hazbawi has been arrested by security agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran solely for his poetry and peaceful cultural activism and is a prisoner of conscience;

AND WHEREAS: His whereabouts and condition remain unknown, raising great alarm among both his family and fellow Ahwazi activists;

AND WHEREAS: The plight of Mr. Hazbawi is only one of the latest cases involving the persecution of Ahwazi cultural activists in direction violation of Articles 18 and 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights--to which Iran is a signatory--as well as Article 24 of the Iranian Constitution;

THEREFORE: We, the undersigned, demand that the international community bring all pressure to bear upon the Islamic Republic of Iran to IMMEDIATELY and UNCONDITIONALLY release Ahmad Hazbawi and all other Ahwazi Arab prisoners of conscience.

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