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The Humane Center for Animal Welfare in Jordan raided a puppy mill in the Jordan Valley. Workers at the mill were sickened by the treatment of the animals, and approached the Humane Center for Help. The breeder in charge of the farm is suing to get her "property" back, and there are no laws to stop her.

Please sign and show the Jordanian government that animal welfare is not just about animals, it's about humanity. Thank you.

We, the undersigned, are petitioning to respectfully request an immediate investigation of a company in Jordan licensed to breed animals. The company in question is engaged in actions that are creating a public health threat as well as engaging in inhumane, unacceptable treatment of dogs and puppies in the Jordan Valley.

Last month, the company’s farm, where dogs are bred, was found to have more than 70 dogs imprisoned in unhygienic conditions that violate health and environmental standards in Jordan.

The breeding business is registered in the name of Karena Gaivoronskay.

We the international public demand immediate action against this company, not only to protect and encourage dog breeders who are working within the law, but to cancel the license of this business, which threatens the public health by raising dogs and puppies in filthy conditions with enough food and water only to stay alive.

Dog breeding is becoming a big business in Jordan, and it is not at all regulated. We are asking for change.

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