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1. People Power for our Pool

Sign up to ask the Federal Government to help pay for Frankston’s new pool so ratepayers don’t carry the full burden…

• Research indicates there is a gap in the region for quality aquatic leisure and well-being facilities;

• The proposed aquatic centre at Samuel Sherlock Reserve, Frankston is a regional aquatic solution, creating a contemporary purpose built space providing long-term health and well-being benefits, hundreds of local jobs and an estimated 500,000 visitors to the region each year;

• The previous Victorian Government has already invested $12.5 million to the project, this is to ask for a contribution from the Federal Government;

• The proposed features of the aquatic centre will include: a 51.5m Olympic size swimming pool; a learn to swim and leisure pool with play area; café; gymnasium; waterslides; splash deck; warm water therapy pool, spa and sauna; crèche; and health and wellness centre.

2. Save the Wilson 50

The Wilson Aquatic Center is DC’s first state-of-the art indoor aquatic facility. It was built with DC taxpayers’ dollars for use by all residents of the District of Columbia. Maintained by DC’s Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), its unique, stellar 50-meter pool is used and enjoyed by people of all ages from all over the city, as well as swimmers within the Washington metropolitan area. Non-residents who use the pool must pay a fee, which is revenue for the facility.

Contrary to the assertions of some, the Wilson pool is not just a neighborhood pool. It's a unique aquatic facility for all DC residents. Swimmers of wide-ranging ability swim its 50 meters, which is divided into slow, medium and fast lanes, in addition to a leisure lane for water-walking and other exercise. There's also a kiddy pool for parents with infants and toddlers and where young children can play. And for those who want to learn to swim or improve their skills, there are swimming and water aerobics classes for people of all ages.

As comments on this petition continue to reveal, the 50-meter course provides great satisfaction to new and experienced swimmers. Swimmers of all levels can get a good workout and improve their endurance while enjoying the gorgeous, long stretch of water. For 25-yard student swim meets, the pool lane lines can be re-configured, and for the Wilson students as needed.

As DPR’s website states: “The Wilson Aquatic Center is DC's premier indoor aquatic facility.” Let’s keep it that way by keeping the 50-meter course. Don’t disappoint the thousands of DC residents who swim Wilson’s beautiful 50 meters every week. It’s a world class pool for everyone.

For those who prefer shorter course swimming, there are eight other indoor and 18 outdoor DC pools:

3. Fix and Heat the Kawamoto Pool in Hilo, Hawaii

The Kawamoto Pool in Hilo, Hawaii has been out of service for the last 8 months. Prior to needing repair it was running without a heater, year round. This is a pool that is paid for by taxpayer dollars and used very regularly by the people that are in fact paying for it.

The pool is also used by local high schools who train their water polo, swimming, and wrestling teams at the facility and private swimming clubs also use the pool daily. Without a heater the pool is almost dangerous in the winter months when the water tempurature can get down to the low 60's.

Low pool temp and low air temp, coupled with the fact that the pool design doesn't let in sun light contributes to the risk of people becoming hypothermic. Last year I had to have my water polo team wear wetsuit tops just to complete workouts.