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City of Corner Brook

We, the undersigned citizens feel there is a current lack of planning for a new aquatics facility in the City of Corner Brook. There is a lack of support for our current aging Arts and Culture pool. We feel the time has come to see collaboration between federal, provincial, municipal government to not only make this a priority, but to see an action plan.
According to City of Corner Brook’s Leisure and Rec Master plan (2010) issues with the recently closed, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College pool and the currently operating and aging, Arts and Culture pools were listed. Over this 7 year span, our remaining pool has aged considerably while being placed under additional demands to meet the needs of the closure of SWGC’s facility.
A new facility is not only a recruitment and retention strategy for city for citizens of all ages, but should also be integrated into the mandate for the growing industry of sports tourism, in accordance with Premier Ball’s recent announcements on tourism as a target moving forward for our province.
Now is the time for action; for a plan for new facility and immediate plan to maintain our existing, aging infrastructure. Without a commitment to maintain our current facility, in a short time our city will be without a pool completely - forcing our families and citizens to live in the 'hub of a region', that cannot provide access to swimming. This is unacceptable. Those who can, perhaps will, travel 50kms to other municipal aquatic centres in the nearby communities of Deer Lake, Stephenville, and Rocky Harbour. If these smaller municipalities have found a way to raise capital and support the operating costs of a facility, we feel the City of Corner Brook should also be able to support a facility.
We look forward to hearing from Mayor Pender and Councillors with an action plan.

We, the undersigned citizens feel there is an urgent need for a new aquatics facility in Corner Brook. We also need a commitment to maintain the current pool until a new facility is completed. We feel the time has come to see collaboration between federal, provincial, municipal governments to make this a priority and a reality. My signature demonstrates my support for a new aquatic facility in Corner Brook that meets the needs of all community users of all ages for health, wellness, recreational and competitive use.

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