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1. Brockhill Road Safety Petition

Speed Limits in the Brockhill area of Redditch are being regularly ignored.

Of particular concern are the following roads:

The B4184 (30mph)/Brockhill Drive (40mph)
Lily Green Lane (30mph)
Salters Lane (30mph)

Local residents regularly observe traffic breaking the speed limit.

At evenings and weekends the engine noise of excessive acceleration can frequently be heard specifically on the B4184, but also on Lily Green Lane and Salters Lane.

Residents are not satisfied that the police do not react to the reckless endangerment of life in this area and would like our elected representatives to ensure that this matter is fully investigated and action is taken to prevent future injury and or loss of life.

2. Allow Appropriate Touch in Paulding County Schools

Several middle and high schools in Paulding County are disciplining children for sharing appropriate touches with each other, touches like holding hands and hugging. Touching is natural and necessary for life. Well-adjusted children touch each other.

Touch is an accepted expression of friendship and acceptance in our Western society. The school system does not have the right to enforce a no-touch rule if the same touches it seeks to prohibit are readily accepted in mainstream society.

3. Abolish School Budget Votes

The only State Budget that is decided and voted on by the people is the School Budget. Tax increases occur all the time to support all other areas of New York State run "businesses", without a vote from the people.

The one and only budget that supports children and their education is the School Budget and this is voted on by the people and can be rejected. This is discriminatory and unconstitutional!

Children have a constitutional right to a strong, appropriate, and free education, yet if a School Budget fails they lose. Prisoners have more rights than children. We do not vote on a budget that supplies prisoners with the supplies they need and they broke the law. Prisoners are guilty of a crime and are paying the price based on our law of the land. But what price are we paying? What price are the children paying? Why are the innocent children and future of this State paying a higher price than the lawbreakers? Why is the law unfair and discriminatory?

This needs to stop now! The State Legislators need to find a formula that provides schools the appropriate funding that is necessary to perform the duties the State mandates. These monies should be incorporated in our taxes just like all other areas of State budgets and funding, for example, prisoner's supplies.

We need immediate action as this is becoming a detriment to our children and their future and the future of the State of New York.

4. Legalisation of drug USE in New South Wales.

This petition is for the conditional legalisation of recreational drugs. Please read then sign. There is a printed written version of the petition, which I have signed. Thank you.


The petition of certain citizens of New South Wales

State that:
* Recreational drug use has not been stopped or solved by punitive measures.
* Recreational drug use is a health issue, more than an issue of Law and Order.
* Recreational drug USE is not and never has been an issue of morality. (Matthew 26:27-29)
* Chemical purity recreational drug tests are available to the general public for commercial sale.
* Recreational drug use has become a cultural and social emblem of individual identity. (e.g. tobacco and alcohol.)
* Recreational drug users can maintain and facilitate constructive and professional employment, and otherwise lead normal, healthy, pro-active lives.
* There should be a responsible use of fear in our society.
* Through sound and legitimate communication, guidance, support and education, young people should be encouraged to take responsibility for the repercussions of their actions, and faith, self-confidence and courage in making their own decisions.

Your petitioners request that the House
* move for the legalisation of drug use. Under the following provision of successful application of a Recreational drug health test from a registered Medical Practitioner. The test could include tobacco and alcohol. Successful applicants would be given a "prescription" to be given to a registered chemist/pharmacist, thus regulation preventing overdose and assuring quality control. The unsuccessful applicants would be referred to appropriate counselling support groups for hospitalisation and treatment. All the collated data would be sent to the appropriate administration for scientific medical and authoritarian research. Anti-social behaviour could also result in a probationary application period.


Traffic on Hillendale Drive in Big Bear City has been an on going issue. This street is currently not marked with any type of speed limit signs and many vehicles speed up and down the street at 50 miles per hour. Residency in this neighborhood has grown and the school bus stops have recently been moved to the corner of Robinhood and Hillendale.

The speed limit in this neighborhood is 25 miles per hour. The residents of this community need to insure our kids are safe and that the speed limits are posted and followed.

6. Change the RoosterMan Song

This petition is for those of us who would like to see the Roosters' Song RoosterMan bite the dust.

We would like it replaced with something that is more appropriate, reflecting the image that the fans of the Roosters and League expect.

This petition will be lodged with The Sydney Roosters, please use your real or 'username'. Your participation in this petition is appreciated and we thank you in advance.

Dr. Deborah Lang

Your comments for the preferred replacement along with the reasons you would like the song changed may be posted on the attached message board after signing.