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Speed Limits in the Brockhill area of Redditch are being regularly ignored.

Of particular concern are the following roads:

The B4184 (30mph)/Brockhill Drive (40mph)
Lily Green Lane (30mph)
Salters Lane (30mph)

Local residents regularly observe traffic breaking the speed limit.

At evenings and weekends the engine noise of excessive acceleration can frequently be heard specifically on the B4184, but also on Lily Green Lane and Salters Lane.

Residents are not satisfied that the police do not react to the reckless endangerment of life in this area and would like our elected representatives to ensure that this matter is fully investigated and action is taken to prevent future injury and or loss of life.

I, the undersigned, am very concerned about the speed of vehicles in the Brockhill area of Redditch, specifically on the B4184/Brockhill Rd, Lily Green Lane and Salters Lane highways.

I believe that appropriate action should be taken to assess the extent of the problem and to resource appropriate traffic calming measures to prevent injury and/or the loss of life on these roads.

I would also request that the Police become more proactive in monitoring traffic to effect prosecution of speeding drivers, and that they liaise with the local authority to consider an appropriate response to this issue.

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