#Children's Rights
New York State Government
United States of America

The only State Budget that is decided and voted on by the people is the School Budget. Tax increases occur all the time to support all other areas of New York State run "businesses", without a vote from the people.

The one and only budget that supports children and their education is the School Budget and this is voted on by the people and can be rejected. This is discriminatory and unconstitutional!

Children have a constitutional right to a strong, appropriate, and free education, yet if a School Budget fails they lose. Prisoners have more rights than children. We do not vote on a budget that supplies prisoners with the supplies they need and they broke the law. Prisoners are guilty of a crime and are paying the price based on our law of the land. But what price are we paying? What price are the children paying? Why are the innocent children and future of this State paying a higher price than the lawbreakers? Why is the law unfair and discriminatory?

This needs to stop now! The State Legislators need to find a formula that provides schools the appropriate funding that is necessary to perform the duties the State mandates. These monies should be incorporated in our taxes just like all other areas of State budgets and funding, for example, prisoner's supplies.

We need immediate action as this is becoming a detriment to our children and their future and the future of the State of New York.

To abolish New York State School Budget votes and to incorporate a formula to provide the public schools with the funding required to implement all New York State mandates.

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