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1. Lower Veridian Water Bills!

It has come to my attention that several residence of the Veridian Apartments have been experiencing the same outrageous utility bills as I have. Starting from as early as May of 2017 we noticed out water bill steadily climbing, from $110 a month, to $130 a month, $150, and finally in July of 2017 to $175. This is absolutely unacceptable. This is clearly the price WE PAY for outdated meters / facilities. The Veridian Apartments NEED to update their buildings to allow INDIVIDUAL meters for Water/Sewer. It is showing as completely unfair to those whom may conserve water to suffer if others do not do the same in their building. No one to my knowledge has attempted to stand up against this, despite reviews screaming about how Water is extremely overpriced at these apartments. I am hoping that as fellow renters we can come together to show that WE WANT A CHANGE.

2. Opposition to Proposed Gullace Apartment Complex Between Church St and Lynaugh

Town and Village of Victor residents concerned with the proposal of a 10 unit apartment complex in a quiet close knit neighborhood made up primarily of "owner occupied" single family homes.

3. Citizens Against High Density Apartments at Highland Knolls & Westgreen, Katy, TX

We are aware of a plan to develop a 5 acre tract of land at the corner of Highland Knolls Drive and the Norwalk projection, Katy, Texas.

The plan involves a 3-story high density apartment complex with approximately 171 units and over 256 off street parking spaces.

This planned development is within a single family residential neighborhood.

4. Review the Grand View Apartment Homes Water Bill

Grand View Apartment Homes has a history of overcharging tenants with an outrageous water bill.

Upon asking the management why tenants are receiving this bill, management fails to explain in detail and also gives multiple reasons that are vague and unrelated.

The most common reason received has been "Thats just the way it is."

Multiple tenants have voiced their opinions on the water bill. has numerous complaints all for this reason.

5. Deny the Rezoning of Bergamont Subdivision North Entrance, Oregon, WI

Fiduciary Real Estate Development is proposing to build a 160 unit (16 Buildings of 10 units each) high density lower rent apartment complex at the northern entrance to the Bergamont Subdivision and the Western Entrance into the Village. A large high density complex like this should not be the first thing people see when entering Oregon.

In order for Fiduciary to continue with their proposed plan, they need to have the area rezoned from senior housing/commercial zoning to multiple family dwelling. We are requesting that the Oregon Village Board and Planning Commission maintain the existing comprehensive plan for Oregon and deny the rezoning request by Fiduciary Real Estate Development. As well as deny the construction of the proposed apartment complex.

The approval of the apartment complex as proposed by Fiduciary Real Estate Development will negatively affect the home values in the Bergamont Subdivision and adjacent subdivisions.

We (the Bergamont HOA Board) have contacted numerous independent real estate appraisers and everyone of them has said this type of high density, Mid/Low rent complex will have a significant adverse effect on property values, as well as the quality of life in the surrounding areas and Oregon (increases in density, traffic, noise, parking, crime, etc.).

6. Stop Crowded Parking Lots

The parking lot at Murphy's Landing Apartments (MLA) becomes sporadically overcrowded, frustrating residents. MLA should assign a number to each parking space, and have a tag for the resident's vehicle matching that parking space number and current license plate.

Parking spaces should be assigned based upon the resident's apartment lease date. This parking space system is needed to utilize parking areas for residents first, guests second. Parking spaces in front of buildings should be reserved for residents only.

The overflow parking areas should be claimed by residents with a second vehicle, then the remainder used by guests.

7. Let everyone enjoy the Steele Mansion

The Steele Mansion is being reconstructed after nearly being razed. It has been approved to be used as multi-family housing (apartments). There are 15 units.

8. Change SC Laws: Renters Right-to-Know

South Carolina is plagued by illegal meth labs. More than 100 labs were seized statewide in 2008—a 6% increase from the year before. The labs are often full of toxic chemicals that can sicken inhabitants, officers seizing them, or anyone exposed. The toxic chemicals can cause a multitude of respiratory problems, and depending on the amount of toxic chemicals left behind, living in a former meth lab can cause these problems rapidly.

Even though toxic chemicals from meth operations are proven to be linked to adverse health effects, nobody is properly cleaning up these properties before allowing more people to live in them!


On average, it costs $2,500 to clean up a former meth lab properly. And to clean properly, you need environmental cleaners who are trained to remove toxins. Police officers do not have this training. After they seize a lab, they clean it up poorly and pass it on. People buy the property inexpensively and then turn it into rental property. In South Carolina, there is no part of the Landlord Tenant act that mandates landlords to disclose “environmental concerns” to tenants. That means that people are living in former meth labs with no knowledge of it!

This is about safety of renters in the state of South Carolina. There are more than 426,000 rental units in South Carolina. When there are health hazards in these units, landlords should be required to disclose these to their renters.

9. Review conditions at Trilling Ave. Apartments

My name is Laura Watts. I am starting this petition for all of the people renting an apartment in the Trilling Ave. complex.

I am starting this petition to get the attention of the owners whom don't like to do their jobs or listen to any complaints of their residents. I am trying to prove my point that my family and I are not the only ones who have problems in these apartments.

10. Withdraw frivolous SHRL damage charges

It appears that most students who lived in apartment-style residences at University of Toronto Mississauga have received damage charges that do not reflect the actual state of their apartments at checkout.

Charges for merely vacuuming and dusting apartments often add up to $200-$400 for the entire apartment (e.g. $100 per resident in a four-person unit); not only are these amounts unreasonable, but it seems that much of this cleaning was done unnecessarily, if even completed at all. It also appears that the real motive behind these charges, given their wide-spread issuance, is not to clean or repair the apartments, but rather to raise funds.

Townhouse-style and, to a lesser extent, dorm-style residents were likely affected as well.

11. Stop the Bed Bugs

For over 2 months there has been a problem with infestations of bedbugs in our complex. No one was made aware of the outbreak but it has been on the rise.

This episode went from apartment to apartment and nothing has yet to be done. While our personal property is being infested and our bodies as well as our children's are being eaten up by the bugs no one has come to do anything about our units.

12. Opposing the 63 Enmore Road development AND the section 96 amendment

We would like to object to the proposed development application No. DA200300686.01. In addition we object to the initial proposal of the construction of a four story apartment block at 63 Enmore road.

The proposed development is totally out of place with it's surroundings, not just on Enmore Road but also the opposing rear which backs onto Wilford lane.

In addition to this it threatens the privacy of the residents on Wilford street and will dramatically effect the existing parking problem in the surrounding streets.

13. Review Woodner Pest Control

According to the reviews at, the Woodner has a serious and dominating pest control issue occuring for about 4 to 5 years (that is evidenced). The perpetual exterminating has proven unsuccessful as evidenced by the out of control bed bug, roach, mice, and rat problem that is still existent. The management claims to do everything in their power to control the pests by: entering your apartment while you may or may not be home without guaranteeing that their employees are not spreading the problem to your apartment, suggesting to throw out your household furniture and belongings without offering reimursement, spraying insecticides that do not keep the pests away from your apartment, and spraying pesticides that irritate your pets.

14. Chris Cejas Amendment to the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act to Include Apartment Managers

In August of 2002 my 12 year old grandson Chris Cejas was beaten to death in Sacramento California by his biological father and step mother.

From the information I have the judge stated the injuries Chris suffered were equivalent to a serious car accident. This torture went on for 3 to 4 days. In May of 2002 an upstairs neighbor called CPS. After 9 days the worker showed up at the apartment complex. Since the caller did not tell the apartment number at which Chris was located, the worker went to the manager. The manager told the worker she didn't know of any Chris in trouble there. The problem with that is the apartment where Chris died alone, on the floor with a blanket tossed over him was right next door to the manager's apartment.

If apartment managers were Mandatory reporters under the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act in 2002 this manager would have been obligated to report the noises she had to have heard or face charges herself. Also there are protections for mandated reporters already placed in the law to protect them from law suits.


July 10, 2007

Update: This petition is now open to signatures from anyone across the United States.

15. Another Trash Compactor Needed for Savannah Palms Apartments

Savannah Palms has one trash compactor for the apartment complex of about 200 or more units.

The complex wants to fine residents $50.00 if trash is not properly disposed but there is only so much room in that compactor to fit 200 or more units worth of trash.

16. Better Treatment for Residents

The apathy and the lack of professionalism of the Maintennance crew and Management. The maintenance or staff walking into the apartment without proper notification (NO PHONE CALL and One or Two knocks with the opening of the door not appropriate).

Moreover the constant apartment checks with no legitimate reasons, and the untimeliness of maintennance.

17. Virginia Landlord and Tenant Act, § 55-248.16 Article 3 - Tenant Obligations #6 and #7 Violation

We, the people, of Building 1201 at Culpeper House Apartments feel the residents in Apartment #111 have violated the Virginia Landlord and Tenant Act. We also feel that our neighborhood aren't safe as long as the residents in apartment #111 continue to live in building 1201. We request the residents of Apartment #111 vacate our building. Please see violations below....

6. Not deliberately or negligently destroy, deface, damage, impair or remove any part of the premises or permit any person to do so whether known by the tenant or not;

7. Conduct himself, and require other persons on the premises with his consent whether known by tenant or not to conduct themselves, in a manner that will not disturb his neighbors' peaceful enjoyment of the premises; ...

18. Establish Parallel Parking Spots at UAHS

For many years, those students at Upper Arlington High School that lack the privilege of owning a parking spot have been faced with the plight of parking on the street. There are too many student-drivers to fit everyone within the two blocks next to the high school, especially when the vast majority of these drivers park four or five feet from the next car, wasting valuable space.

We - the students, faculty, and surrounding residents of Upper Arlington High School - wish to end this lack of organization before we start into the new-year. There would be no better way to start 2004 than by lowering the rate that students are tardy, unblocking the resident's driveways, cutting the number of parking tickets, and stopping all parking in apartment visitor spots.

With your permission, we wish to better this city's high school by painting parallel parking spots down both sides of Brandon and Mt. Holyoke Roads, similar to those flanking Northam Park on Ridgeview and Northam Roads.

19. Security for Residents of The Constantine Apartment Community

Due to our Homes (apartments) at The Constantine Apartments lacking ANY SECURITY. Our vehicles & our guests' vehicles being broken into. Our expensive potted plants and other personal items being stolen off of our door stoops, patios, and front porches during broad daylight, and at nights, so many times in the past few months. I request that something be done by the Management &/or the Owners of The Constantine to increase and improve the security, safety, and well-being of the Residents of The Constantine Apartment Community.

20. to let MR.CRAIG keep his apartment

We, the residents of Eastwood community would not like Mr. Craig to vacate his home, because we like his presence in the neighborhood. He helps our kids with bikes, cuts their hair, plays with them, he is a good person in the community and we think that the good will out weigh the bad.

If it was one of your kids, brother, sister, etc, that was living from a wheelchair, you would want the best thing for them. We think that everyone needs another chance. We have just about the safest community in housing. Mr. Craig has no family that he can turn to for help and if you all put him out on the streets his life is going to be shot, because the shelter is not accessible to him so we as a community would like for Mr. Craig to keep his place

If we can help our country in this time of sorrow, then we can do the same for Mr. Craig.