Marrickville City Council

We would like to object to the proposed development application No. DA200300686.01. In addition we object to the initial proposal of the construction of a four story apartment block at 63 Enmore road.

The proposed development is totally out of place with it's surroundings, not just on Enmore Road but also the opposing rear which backs onto Wilford lane.

In addition to this it threatens the privacy of the residents on Wilford street and will dramatically effect the existing parking problem in the surrounding streets.

We, the undersigned, call on the Marrickville City Council to oppose the application No. DA200300686.01 which proposes the expansion of a four story apartment block which is to be built at 63 Enmore Road, Newtown.

In addition we oppose the building of this apartment block as it is out of place with its surroundings and will effect parking, traffic congestion and the privacy of local residents in the area.

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The Opposing the 63 Enmore Road development AND the section 96 amendment petition to Marrickville City Council was written by vincent taylor and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.