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1. We Need Sex And The City 3

Many articles have popped up around the internet, getting all of us steamed about the potential production of Sex And The City 3. There is obviously more to tell to the story of our favorite girls, but if you read through the lines, the main concern is whether or not they would still be relevant, and if people would still watch it.

I created this petition to show people that the movie is INDEED still relevant, that we would all just love to see our favorite (formerly single gals) on the screen one more time.

Please sign this, and let's show producers, directors, and most importantly our four beloved actresses that they still matter for us and we would simply adore to see them again.


2. Stop Rezoning and Protect Historic Downtown Milledgeville, Georgia

This November 8th, Milledgeville's City Council will vote on a request to rezone historic downtown property from Community Commercial to Multi-Family Residential. This rezoning would allow the development of a gated residential complex at 221 and 231 N. Wayne St in the heart of downtown. Evidence abounds that rezoning these properties would be the wrong move for our City Council to make, especially when Council Members take Milledgeville's history, culture, and economy - as well as the ordinances they are bound by - into account.

Milledgeville is worthy of its Historic District title. As one of the first planned cities in the United States, it was modeled after Washington, D.C. Construction of Georgia's antebellum capital began in 1803, but it wasn't until 1807 that a wagon train carrying the state treasury and official documents made its way from the previous capital, Louisville, to its new one, Milledgeville.

Around that time, city land was set aside for the local community to invest in and profit from. We call such zoning Community Commercial today. One antebellum business owner, Wilkes Flagg, founded his blacksmith shop downtown on N. Wayne St - even though he started life as a slave in Virginia. The money his 'master' allowed him to earn from practicing the blacksmith trade on N. Wayne permitted Wilkes to purchase his own freedom as well as that of his wife Lavinia and son Wilkes, Jr. He accomplished this more than 15 years before the end of the Civil War.

When Sherman came through Milledgeville on his March to the Sea, he didn't burn the city to the ground as he had Atlanta, however his men did menace the population that was unable or unwilling to flee. Wilkes Flagg, 64 years old and already a free man, was hung from a tree for days by his thumbs and tortured for his knowledge of where certain spoils of war were hidden. Although he knew such information, he never confessed.

By that time, Flagg Chapel Baptist Church had held service for 34 years, and Wilkes had been its respected pastor for decades. From that moment, he would go on to found the first public school for Georgia's freed slaves and people of color, The Eddy School. Wilkes remains, to this day, a celebrated historical figure and our citizens remember with reverence how he earned his freedom, multiple times over, in our historic downtown.

After the Civil War, a nearby Freedman's Bureau was established to manage the transition from slavery to liberty. By then, the state legislature had moved to Atlanta. As the new capital grew, so did the African American Businesses District on the cross streets of North Wayne and McIntosh. In this segregated business district, countless citizens earned their economic freedom and organized their continued fight for social justice. As time moved on, and segregation lost its social stronghold, the African American Business District came to be revered as one of Milledgeville's truly influential cultural centers.

Unfortunately, not much of the Historic African American Business District remains today. Some of it was demolished to make way for the downtown police station and court house parking lot. If the current request for rezoning is approved, and the land is developed as requested, when standing in the Black Heritage Plaza on the corner of N. Wayne and McIntosh you'll be able to look left and see a police station and look right and see a gated community, which will be marketed towards affluent college students. Such a decision would be one visible step closer to erasing the cultural and commercial heritage of both Milledgeville's Historic District and its Historic African American Business District.

While most citizens approve of developing these properties, many strongly oppose rezoning as the properties are the last open land still available for commercial development in our confined downtown. On page 52 of the Joint Comprehensive Plan for Baldwin County and City of Milledgeville, one of the points for land use says "We will continue to encourage the development of Downtown Milledgeville as a vibrant center of the community in order to improve overall attractiveness and local quality of life." However, if these properties are rezoned, the resulting gated residential development would ultimately serve only a small piece of our community’s pie.

It's important to note that Baldwin County has endured a 21.1% loss in employment since 2006, according to a Market Feasibility Analysis published in 2015. Rezoning property in such a small downtown from Community Commercial to Multi-Family Residential - in addition to erasing cultural and economic history - would in no way offer a long-term solution to our economic woes. While such rezoning may benefit local land owners looking for a quick sell of their properties, the vast majority of profits overtime would go to benefit a developer and residential management team based out of Athens. Land set aside to nourish the local economy would forever be limited in its original purpose.

It's also important to remember community resources, like our maxed-out downtown parking, when considering Milledgeville's economy. As such, the developer must provide 36 parking spaces for the proposed 36 bedroom complex. To fit these parking spots in the proposed lot, the developer requested a variance to shorten parking space length from 20' (that’s considered Code) to 18'.

At recent rezoning hearings, citizens repeatedly pointed out the obvious: trucks that residents and students actually drive in our region don't all FIT into 18' spaces. Therefore, residents of the gated complex - along with visiting friends and family - would have no other option than to park their oversized or visiting vehicles on the street, in spaces normally occupied by cars conducting local business.

Further stress on already limited parking would hinder accessibility to nearby businesses like Slater's Funeral Home, located across the street from the proposed development. Slater's has served the local community during its time of need for over 100 years. However, since available street parking has dwindled over the years, permitting this variance alongside rezoning would only continue the negative trend in available downtown parking.

The last section on page 12 of The Comprehensive Plan says it best: "...there has been an increase in housing that contains 20-49 units, otherwise known as multi-family housing. This housing has the potential to cause traffic and environmental problems if development occurs in areas that are not prepared to handle densities of this nature."

If that wasn't enough, page 16 of the same document states: "Haphazard development could result in the loss of many valuable resources that the County and City rely on for tourism and a sense of community." Our citizens are petitioning against rezoning these properties because we see with clear eyes the long-term loss rezoning would mean for Milledgeville's historic, cultural, economic, and community resources.

If you agree that rezoning 221 and 231 N. Wayne St. from Community Commercial to Multi-Family Residential is the WRONG MOVE for Milledgeville's City Council to make, we implore you to sign this petition and make your voice heard.

We also invite you to join us at the next City Council meeting at City Hall on November 8th at 6:30PM when voting will take place. There are few better ways to celebrate Election Day than by make your presence known and taking action as a concerned citizen. We look forward to seeing you there!

3. American Express, MasterCard and Visa Stop supporting Child labor

Apple Inc. Has recently made an official agreement with American Express, MasterCard & Visa that the iPhone & iPad users will be able to pay their bills on their iPhones & iPads via their American Express, MasterCard &/or Visa accounts even tough that Apple Inc. Supports child labor.

Link regarding the agreement here:
You may need to translate from Croatian to English via Google Translate.

*NOTE: And again, ANONYMOUS signers will not count.

4. Two Ahwazi Arabs, Ali Chebieshat and Syed Khalad Mousawi are facing imminent execution

As a result of Iran’s continues violation of human rights in Al-Ahwaz,two political Ahwazi Arabs at risk of imminent execution.In 18 March 2014, Fajer's Prison officials in Deziful city informed families during visiting time that security services transferred prisoners to unknown place. Ali Chebeishat and Sayed Khalad Mousavi from Shush's city in Al- Ahwaz in southern Iran face the death penalty since August 2013.

5. World Online Event to end child slavery and child labor!

I recently heard that the companies like Microsoft, Sony, Apple & Etc. are making their technology with children who are bellow 18!

To see the information in Croatian click here.

6. Create peace and safety on the Internet

There is a great need to resolve all disputes, clear up all misunderstandings, and make peace between all people who have ever communicated with each other through email and/or any other aspect of the Internet.

7. Only Fools and Horses Uncut DVD

Only Fools & Horses was named Britain's Best Sitcom in a 2004 poll. Unfortunately when the series was released onto DVD it was cut and edited.

Fools and Horses deserves a pukka DVD box set, full of extras and all of the original scenes and music intact.

8. Bring back Gully's Girls in their original form - no boys allowed!

We're not a bunch of Jimmy Savile's. We just want our enthusiastic, entertaining and good looking cheerleaders back.

It's just a bit of fun and adds to the matchday experience!

9. Bring back Ratchet & Clank 3 and Ratchet: Deadlocked servers!

A petition to bring back the Rachet & Clank 3 and Ratchet Deadlocked PS2 servers.

10. Allowing Ground and Pound in Florida Amateur Mixed Martial Arts

Florida Boxing Commission passed the ruling to allow Amateur Mixed Martial Arts back in Florida on July 7, 2010. Rules and regulations state that ground and pound is not allowed in amateur mixed martial arts.

The definition of ground and pound is defined as to describe a fighting style or technic. To take one's opponent to the ground, establish a dominant position. Usually a top position (i.e., mount, side mount, half mount, etc. can also be used while in one's "guard"). Reign down closed fist punches to the head while on the ground. After amateur mixed martial arts fighters have attained 5 verifiable amateur fights in Florida, they qualify to become Professional fighters.

The issue we have is that without amateur fighters gaining any experience on ground and pound before going Pro, we the (Association) feel it is very dangerous on these fighters entering Professional status without exercising the experience.

A solution that can be made is to revise this particular rule and that once the Amateur fighters have reached 5 amateur mixed martial arts fights, they become eligible to become semi professional, or advanced amateur fighters, and to allow them to experience ground and pound like it is at the Professional level. All protection rules of 7 oz gloves and shin guards remain the same.

11. New Pokemon Series

After watching the Pokemon B/W 2 Animated Trailer so many people wondered why this was not a series and that it should be made into a series.

12. baka and test season 3

We need another season! this show is too good to end!

Baka and Test (バカとテストと召喚獣 Baka to Test to Shōkanjū?, lit. Idiots, Tests, and Summoned Beasts) also known as Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts is a Japanese light novel series created by Kenji Inoue and illustrations by Yui Haga. The first novel in the series was released on January 29, 2007, and as of June 30, 2011, a total of thirteen volumes, including volume 3.5, volume 6.5, volume 7.5, and volume 9.5, have been published by Enterbrain under their Famitsu Bunko publishing imprint. A manga adaptation by Mosuke Mattaku started serialization in the manga magazine Shōnen Ace on April 25, 2009. Another manga adaptation by namo started serialization in the male oriented web comic magazine Famitsu Comic Clear on October 30, 2009.

The series made its North American television debut on August 1, 2011 on the Funimation Channel.

13. Get Mariska Hargitay to Host SNL (2012 Petition)

Mariska Hargitay, 48, is primarily known for her role as Detective Olivia Benson on NBC's long running Law & Order spinoff, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, as well as a passionate advocate working for victims of sexual abuse.

But as has been said by countless acquaintances, coworkers and other comedic television personalities as someone who in real life, is more suited to the hilarious exploits of SNL. And if you have ever seen an interview, written or filmed, you'll know this is fact.

And in fact, It would be a complete injustice to deprive the world of her talent for any longer.

Fans and friends of Mariska call on YOU, to stop this vicious cycle of Mariska-less TV.

Rapper and fellow SVU co-star, Ice-T, known on Twitter as @FINALLEVEL has called on us for this purpose. Let's show them who the most diehard fans are.

Get Mariska on SNL 2012 Petition is in motion! Friends, family, your dog who has facebook, call them all to this worthy cause. Thank you!

YouTube Channel Link to Petition Video:

14. Make New Episodes Of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy often shortened as Billy and Mandy is an American animated television series that aired on Cartoon Network. It is also the spin-off of Grim & Evil.

Having originally aired as part of Grim & Evil The show began in 2001, And went on to become one of Cartoon Network's longest running shows. The show began airing under the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy title on June 13, 2003, ending on November 9, 2007 (though it was later included in a special titled The Grim Adventures of the KND which aired on November 11, 2007, officially ending the series).

Though this would later be changed to October 12, 2008, due to the special Underfist not being made into a spin-off (due to the expiration of Maxwell Atom's contract with Cartoon Network). Otherwise, the series originally ended on November 11, 2007.

Featuring the voices of Greg Eagles, Grey DeLisle, and Richard Steven Horvitz, the series stars the two main characters, Billy and Mandy, having manipulated the Grim Reaper, usually called "Grim", into being their best friend for eternity after having won a bet over a sick hamster through a game of limbo.

15. Life Sentence for Child Molesters

90 percent of child molesters are out of jail in under 6 years, and most will do it again.

These people are getting minimal sentences for a crime, that not only affects the child mentally, but physically, and not to mention the emotional damage it does to the families.

It's time we stop giving these monsters a slap on the wrists, and sending them rushing back into the playgrounds.

16. Bring Back FLASHFORWARD!

FlashForward is an American television series, adapted for TV by Brannon Braga and David S. Goyer, which aired for one season on ABC between September 24, 2009 and May 27, 2010. It is based on the 1999 novel Flashforward by Canadian science fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer.

The series revolves around the lives of several people as a mysterious event causes nearly everyone on the planet to simultaneously lose consciousness for two minutes and seventeen seconds on October 6, 2009.

During this "blackout", people see what appear to be visions of their lives on April 29, 2010, a global "flashforward". It was announced in May 2010 that ABC would not be renewing FlashForward for a second season.

17. Rescind road tax on classic cars

In the United Kingdom Classic Cars were exempt road tax after reaching 25 years age but that privilege for keepers of cars made after 1973 was revoked which operates unjustly on the keepers of cars made after that date who are obliged to pay the full vehicle excise duty for classic cars that do not cover many miles on public roads each year.

That is a punitive tax the government is asked to review and remove from vehicle keepers who by keeping classic vehicles provide a service to the community by preserving historic cars for its enjoyment.

Typically many owners of such cars will themselves be veterans unable to pay with ease full road tax for a car that is hardly ever driven on roads but required to display a fully paid Vehicle Excise Licence when on the road whereas those made before 1973 do not. That is an injustice that should be put right.

18. Change the music in Stop & Shop Supermarkets

Any regular customer to there local Stop & Shop or employee can tell you about the music that plays in these supermarkets. They will agree that the music choices this company decides on to play in there stores is horrendous.

I have heard comments such as "all they play is depressing music about breaking up or heartache" or "it seems as though they picked the worst songs from every decade."

This petition was made so Stop & Shop will change the music they play in there stores to more up to date music. Music that customers/employees would enjoy hearing.


We are asking the leadership of the NDP and LIBERAL PARTY OF CANADA to seriously consider the unification of the parties for the well being of our country.

20. Taylor Swift: 13 Hour Meet And Greet Again In Nashville!

I would like Taylor Swift to do another 13 Hour Meet And Greet in Nashville, TN. She did it last year, June 13, 2010, and it was very successful.

21. Save America's Wild Mustangs/Burros & Horses from Slaughter

The US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is spending 1,000's of taxpayer dollars to remove the wild mustangs and burros from public land set into land in 1971 to protect them.

Currently 39,000 are in govt holding pens. Many end up going to auctions which US laws are not enforced that allows 'kill buyers' to buy as many horses as they want and then transport to Canada or Mexico for slaughter and human consumption in countries such as; Belgium, Japan, France and a few others.

If laws were enforced, the kill buyers would only be permitted to buy ONE horse at an auction. The BLM runs mustang herds by helicoptors for miles, separating families, killing many foals on the way and mares and stallions. Americans want the roundups to end, immediately but falls on deaf ears. The mustangs the BLM is returning to the range are sterilized and mares on birth control unable to reproduce. In 2011 the BLM plans to roundup another 11,000 to 14,000.

Please Stop the BLM Roundups Immediately and Save America's wild horses/burros and enforce the US laws at auctions to stop kill buyers, pass H.R. 503. HR 503 will make it illegal to transport horses across into Canada & Mexico.

22. Remove All Non Rock or Blues Members of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, since its opening, has constantly inducted artists that don't belong. Cher, Donna Summer, Run DMC, and Michael Jackson, just to name a few. Doesn't matter whether they're great or not. They're not Rock. That's why this needs to be fixed. Put them in the Pop, Rap, or Disco Hall of Fame, if there is one.

Blues gave birth to Rock, so Blues belongs. So, any member of The Rock Hall that is not an influential musician of the Rock or Blues genres, they will be removed. And, from now on, the people pick the inductees. And, they must be influential musicians of Rock or Blues genre. NO EXCEPTIONS!

It's called The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Let's keep it that way!

23. Make Command and Conquer Generals 2

Quite a few people want C&C Generals 2 now, it has been quite a while since Generals and Zero:Hour has been out and there are many people wishing to revive C&C with a new Generals game.

24. Help Natasha Meet The Jonas Brothers!

My good friend Natasha, from Outta This World ( really has a dream of meeting the Jonas Brothers. Alright, before you start going off on me about, "Well, I want to meet them too!" and crap, just read. I know we ALL want to meet the Jonas Brothers. Even I do, but we all can't do it at the same time! So how about we just start making a girls dream come true, one by one, starting with Natasha. She's in love with Nick (Just like other girls) but she really wants to meet them, and to sign this petition, would make her dream come true somehow. I would send it in and everything. Please, please, PLEASE help her meet them<3

25. Bring Billy and Mandy Back

Ok, so now Billy and Mandy is no longer having episode been made. Maxwell Atoms is into making a new show Underfist.

And, why, oh why, finish off a popular cartoon and start something off with minor characters? I mean, half the people I know LOATHE Fred FredBurger.

Billy and Mandy were doing so good. Can't you just give it another couple of seasons, a year or 2? I mean, what about the fans? Sure, Grim, Billy and Mandy are going to appear a little in Underfist, but I thought it was them who helped make the show cool? Not Fred Fredburger, Hoss Delgado, Jeff the Spider, Skarr and Irwin. I'm saddened by this. Why, for all reasons in the world, do you stop the show?

I don't know who is the person to fault, whether cartoon network CHOSE to finish off Billy and Mandy, whether it was Maxwell Atoms the creator, or anyone else in particular, I'm slightly appalled. I know this is only a small matter, and most likely wouldn't go far, but please, signing this would perhaps at least go somewhere. Thank you.

P.S, I have to say that Wrath of the Spider Queen was perhaps the worst way to end a series. It was against all the other background fact, and ended nowhere.

P.S.S, sorry if I missed some fact, and didn't notice something that would have something to do with a reason to cancellation etc.

26. Barnet Safe Children and Environment Group

Here is what is planned:

A new, two lane, street-lit, tarmac road with pavement is planned to be built across Pymmes Brook and the green space running alongside it - right at the entrance to Hadley Woods.

The road is intended to provide access to a new, 1350 place school called JCoSS which is planned for Westbrook Crescent in New Barnet.

After it has cut across the brook, the road is planned to continue up to the proposed site of the JCoSS school across what is currently the playing field of Livingstone Primary School at the very edge of Hadley Woods.

We believe that a faith school such as JCoSS has the potential to add cultural enrichment to our area, and we welcome that. However this must not be at the expense of the safety of our children or the environment in which we all live.

We can stop this road, stop all the traffic it will generate and save our green space, but it is crucially important that we demonstrate strong opposition, and we need your help to do this.

27. Get Tim And Eric To Come To Florida!

I love Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim more than anything in the world and I would do anything for them to come to Florida for a show. I have no way of going to another state to see them live. There are other Tim and Eric fans here in Florida that really want to see Tim and Eric also.

Florida isn't all "tourists and disney world" Florida is over flowing with Tim and Eric fans that are just waitin' for them to get here. 'Fo real!

Soo...this is what I want and what I NEED...what I NEED you to do is sign this petition to get Tim and Eric to come to Florida and have a show here. Preferably an all ages show just because I think it would be more fair to everyone if it was all ages.

Please sign and help me and all the other Tim and Eric fans here in the good 'ole sunshine state! Tim and Eric are my life so please help me. Please sign and support this. THANK YOU!!!!

28. Petition Objecting to PoHC Land Use & T/sport Strategy

Citizens of Victoria draw to the attention of the House plans for the expansion of the Port of Hastings and associated rail and freight infrastructure which will have significant environmental impacts on Westernport Bay and also significant detrimental social, environmental, health and economic impacts.

The consultation process for this proposal has been flawed and the Victorian community has not been adequately informed about the proposal.