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United States of America

The US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is spending 1,000's of taxpayer dollars to remove the wild mustangs and burros from public land set into land in 1971 to protect them.

Currently 39,000 are in govt holding pens. Many end up going to auctions which US laws are not enforced that allows 'kill buyers' to buy as many horses as they want and then transport to Canada or Mexico for slaughter and human consumption in countries such as; Belgium, Japan, France and a few others.

If laws were enforced, the kill buyers would only be permitted to buy ONE horse at an auction. The BLM runs mustang herds by helicoptors for miles, separating families, killing many foals on the way and mares and stallions. Americans want the roundups to end, immediately but falls on deaf ears. The mustangs the BLM is returning to the range are sterilized and mares on birth control unable to reproduce. In 2011 the BLM plans to roundup another 11,000 to 14,000.

Please Stop the BLM Roundups Immediately and Save America's wild horses/burros and enforce the US laws at auctions to stop kill buyers, pass H.R. 503. HR 503 will make it illegal to transport horses across into Canada & Mexico.

Stop the BLM roundups and slaughter of wild horses/burros now. Pass H.R. 503 into law. Free the mustangs in govt captivity and do not sterilize our horses.

Enforce govt laws at animal auctions so kill buyers can no longer buy truckloads of horses to ship to slaughter - Pass in law H.R. 503 and save America's Mustangs from extinction.

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