#Televison Show
Cartoon Network, Maxwell Atoms.

Ok, so now Billy and Mandy is no longer having episode been made. Maxwell Atoms is into making a new show Underfist.

And, why, oh why, finish off a popular cartoon and start something off with minor characters? I mean, half the people I know LOATHE Fred FredBurger.

Billy and Mandy were doing so good. Can't you just give it another couple of seasons, a year or 2? I mean, what about the fans? Sure, Grim, Billy and Mandy are going to appear a little in Underfist, but I thought it was them who helped make the show cool? Not Fred Fredburger, Hoss Delgado, Jeff the Spider, Skarr and Irwin. I'm saddened by this. Why, for all reasons in the world, do you stop the show?

I don't know who is the person to fault, whether cartoon network CHOSE to finish off Billy and Mandy, whether it was Maxwell Atoms the creator, or anyone else in particular, I'm slightly appalled. I know this is only a small matter, and most likely wouldn't go far, but please, signing this would perhaps at least go somewhere. Thank you.

P.S, I have to say that Wrath of the Spider Queen was perhaps the worst way to end a series. It was against all the other background fact, and ended nowhere.

P.S.S, sorry if I missed some fact, and didn't notice something that would have something to do with a reason to cancellation etc.

We hereby sign this petition, to help bring back a classic, cartoon show, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, a TV show loved by 1000's.

May it be a couple more series, or a couple more years.

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