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Because of an incident that happened to someone very close to me I have been doing research.

Stats Canada shows that Youth Crime is way up over Adult Crime... Why? Because of the Youth Criminal Justice Act and our Justice System in General.

The Canadian Justice System is not holding criminals accountable for their crimes and special accomodations are made for young offenders.

Check out the stats for yourself.

WHEREAS a person who reaches the age of 12 years knows the difference between right and wrong, what is good and bad;

WHEREAS Canada's Youth Criminal Justice Act does not offer a tough approach to youth crime -- the tough approach that the majority of Canadians have been demanding for decades;

WHEREAS Young offenders feel that the severity of their sentences will not match the gravity of their crimes, and;

WHEREAS Young people and adults alike, are tragically paying the ultimate price for the lack of youth Justice in Canada; and

WHEREAS A crime is a crime, violence is violence and the perpetrator of a violent crime is a criminal;

Therefore, we the undersigned, call upon Parliament to ERADICATE Canada's Criminal Youth Justice Act so that:

- young offenders are identified to the public as the criminals they are;

- young offenders face longer sentences;

- young offenders are tried in court the same as adults;

so that the prospect of justice causes youth crime statistics to decrease.

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