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ACT Government & Federal Government

The ACT Government have approved the cull of a large number of kangaroos at the Department of Defence site, Majura ACT. Exactly how many will be killed is not known but it could be well into the thousands.

They have based their decision on Maxine Cooper's Grasslands Investigation which claims the kangaroos are starving. However, no scientific or hard evidence of this is provided in the report. In fact, the Federal Government have even questioned this since only a small number of carcasses have been found on the property. The exact number of kangaroos on the Defence Site at Majura is not known but there has been reports of more than 6,000 kangaroos on the site.

The report states that only 1 kangaroos should be allowed per hectare. This means that the cull they are planning to undertake will mean the shooting of a large number and proportion of kangaroos on the site. The figure could be as many as 5,000. The report states clearly that orphaned joeys will not be spared. There lives will be finished by the legal practice of killing joeys in which is usually beheading them or bashing them to death with a blunt object. Photographs taken by wildlife groups recently show healthy grasslands and kangaroos alike.

Australia is a dry country and kangaroos are designed to survive these climates. They are our national symbol, cultural heritage and are a true representation of what it means to be an Aussie Battler. Yet, the ACT government has agree to cut so many of their lives short.

"We, the undersigned, call on the ACT Government and the Prime Minister of Australia to stop the proposed cull at Majura, ACT and Jerromberra, NSW."

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