#Civil Rights
All citizens of Ontario

Did you know that the Police in Ontario, Canada have the power to impound your vehicle and suspend your license without any form of appeal process? This in turn will raise your insurance rates, cause you to pay fees to reinstate your license, cause you to pay fees to recover your vehicle from the impound lot (and don't forget the towing of your vehicle there!) and possibly cause you credit and employment problems in the future. Yes, it's true!

All of this because there is no court date, no appeal and no due process for many offences under the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario! It's your word against the Police. You have NO rights! This quote is taken directly from the Highway Traffic Act:

"No appeal or hearing

(9) There is no appeal from, or right to be heard before, the suspension of a driver’s licence..."

How is this possible? Where do we live? Read the Act for yourself, you may just be surprised in what you find out. Many acts have been amended and changed in the last year that revoke many of your rights as a citizen of Canada (or Ontario?).


Please sign our petition! Show solidarity that we won't stand for these amendments in a free country where we're supposed to have rights!

We, the undersigned, ask the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada that anyone charged (or facing infraction) under ANY offence of the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario receives a proper due process; a legal process which has a right of appeal. (This includes drivers' license suspensions and vehicle impoundment by police - including fees)

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