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1. Bring Back the Old Maplestory

Maplestory is a popular free MMO Game on the Pc. Maplestory was created by the company Wizet and was debuted in the United States in 2003. Although maplestory was created by Wizet, Nexon Bought Wizet along with maplestory. Ever since the game has been bought and managed by Nexon, it's going down the drain. Many of you early Maplestory users may remember the "Golden Days" of maplestory (2005-2008 or about V62); I sure know that I do.

Those were the days that were the peak of our childhoods, and maplestory was actually a fair, fun, diverse, and enjoyable game. Ever Since the big bang update, Nexon has been getting out of touch with their true fans. Ever since Big Bang, it changed the interior coding of the game and that update would have changed maplestory for bad. Ever since, they have been releasing a lot of useless and unfair jobs. Nexon has removed the fair and fun aspect of Maplestory. Today, Maplestory is not even close to what it was in 2005-2008, it has completely changed. Nexon, I'm not asking for you to change your game completely, I'm just asking for you guys to create another maplestory with Version 62 on it, so we can play the old maplestory again.

Please Nexon, by doing this it will attract more than a million old maplestory players that have quitted because of big bang. This will actually BENEFIT you nexon, your player base, respect, profits and loyalty will all increase. Thank you and I hope you really take this into consideration.

2. Opposition to Abortion Law Reform 2008 (Victoria, Australia) - alternative wording

On 10th October 2008 the Victorian Parliament narrowly passed the Abortion Law Reform Bill 2008 in a conscience vote. This was despite massive community opposition to the Bill, especially from Christians. On Sunday 5th October, over 3000 Christians and Catholics gathered on the steps of Parliament to protest the legislation.

We want to send a message to the Victorian Parliament (the Government, Opposition and all sitting members) that tens of thousands of Christian voters are opposed to the new Law. Read the Law here.

When this petition has gathered 3000 signatories it will be sent to the offices of the State Premier and Opposition leader. Please sign the petition only if you are a resident of Victoria.

Please note: This is a parallel petition to this one for people who do not believe in abortion under any circumstances, including an obstetric emergency (point 4). Please only sign this petition if you have not signed the other one.

Denominations represented so far, in no particular order and non-exhaustive: Anglican, Roman Catholic, Baptist, Church of Christ, Lutheran, Seventh-day Adventist, Uniting Church, Pentecostal, Assemblies of God/ACC, Presbyterian, Christian Reformed Church, Lutheran, Planetshakers, Christian Brethren

3. Opposition to Abortion Law Reform 2008 (Victoria, Australia)

On 10th October 2008 the Victorian Parliament narrowly passed the Abortion Law Reform Bill 2008 in a conscience vote. This was despite massive community opposition to the Bill, especially from Christians. On Sunday 5th October, over 3000 Christians and Catholics gathered on the steps of Parliament to protest the legislation.

We want to send a message to the Victorian Parliament (the Government, Opposition and all sitting members) that tens of thousands of Christian voters are opposed to the new Law. Read the Law here.

When this petition has gathered 3000 signatories it will be sent to the offices of the State Premier and Opposition leader. Please sign the petition only if you are a resident of Victoria.

Please note: a parallel petition has been created for people who are uncomfortable with the wording of point 4 of this petition. It can be found here.

Denominations represented so far, in no particular order and non-exhaustive: Anglican, Roman Catholic, Baptist, Church of Christ, Lutheran, Seventh-day Adventist, Uniting Church, Pentecostal, Assemblies of God/ACC, Presbyterian, Christian Reformed Church, Lutheran, Planetshakers, Christian Brethren

4. Make the 2008 Presidential Debates Open and Democratic


This petition supports the simple idea that having choices in a democracy means being able to hear and see candidates from outside of the two parties that have had exclusive control of American politics for the past 200 years.

^^^^Breaking News^^^^

Third Party Debate date set: Oct. 19, 2008

Go to for details.

Please still sign this petition!


THE OBJECTIVE is for you to take a stand and SUPPORT REAL DEMOCRACY by encouraging four serious, highly experienced, and patriotic candidates running on the Libertarian, Green, Constitutional and Independent platforms (see details below) to hold televised and otherwise broadcast (e.g. YouTube, radio) presidential and vice presidential debates. The debates must take place as soon as possible and regardless of whether the Democratic and Republican candidates, who control the regular debate process, choose to participate.

This petition is addressed to:

1. Third party candidates (first and foremost) - because they must collaborate to organize the debates, publicize them and push for media coverage.

2. The media - because Americans want to have real options and hear real issues!

3. Sympathetic celebrities, politicians and other figures who can use their visibility to speak out and otherwise support the effort.

4. American voters - as one official noted in 1966 about Civil Rights-era mobilization in Mississippi, “the petition ‘is a forceful and dramatic expression of the feelings of [the] people…It does show that there is a good deal of organization at the grass roots level (cited in Andrews 2001, p. 88).’ ”

The petition is NOT an endorsement of any one candidate.

The petition is an endorsement of freedom of speech and voter's rights to have real options and to hear about real issues - not lipstick!

**(Worried about the “spoiler effect”? Read about it below.)**


The Commission on Presidential Debates, created and run exclusively by the Democrats and Republicans, has sole control over who can participate in the regular televised presidential debates. The Commission’s rules prohibit any serious candidates from participating in any debates even if they have collected the hundreds of thousands of signatures necessary to get onto all state ballots and have millions of supporters among voters.

Participation is allowed only for candidates polling at or above 15% nationally. This threshold is completely unreasonable for anyone who does not have millions and millions of dollars to buy media exposure. The commission’s rules are designed only to give the two parties exclusive control for setting the national agenda.

Candidates who can not participate in televised debates have no chance to rise in national rankings. At the same time, the Democrats and Republicans simply claim that there are no “serious” candidates out there - and so the cycle continues! Consequently, the debate rules effectively stifle any real discussion of the issues not covered by the two parties.


In early September, 2008, Ron Paul, a Republican congressman and former presidential candidate from Texas convened a conference at the National Press Club that brought together an impressive group of third party candidates from across the political spectrum: Chuck Baldwin, Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader and Bob Barr (Barr did not attend the conference but supports the joint effort). The candidates have different platforms, but all agree on several key issues, including, for example, ending the Iraq War, opposing the Patriot Act and opening up the presidential debates!
(Read all five points of agreement among the candidates here:

You can also watch the entire Ron Paul/ third party conference here:

With the initial boost from the Ron Paul conference, it is time for American voters to encourage third party candidates to go even further and organize open, democratic presidential debates, even if McCain and Obama decline to take part! It is time for the media to broadcast real debates and real issues. You can show your support by signing this petition.

Worried about the “spoiler effect”?

Convinced that Ralph Nader could “spoil” the election for the Democrats? Well, Bob Barr, the former Republican congressman and now Libertarian presidential candidate is being sued by the McCain campaign for ballot access because Republicans believe that he may take away their votes. So what does this mean? It means that third party candidates represent a range of political positions and therefore any votes they get will affect both the Democratic and Republican candidates, not just one side or the other.

Want to hear even more convincing arguments? Watch the third party candidates talk about the issues of “spoiling” the election for McCain and Obama, as well as many other important topics. Check out these YouTube videos:

McCain vs. Bob Barr lawsuit:

Bob Barr on “spoiling” the election for McCain:

Ron Paul on “fragmenting the Republican party” and other issues:
(*Note: Ron Paul is not running for president)

Ralph Nader on “spoiling” for Democrats:

Ralph Nader on many other issues:

The CANDIDATES and select ISSUES (As of Sept. 17, 2008)

Bob Barr (Libertarian Party)

-Former Republican congressman and U.S. Attorney from Georgia
-On 44 state ballots
-Supports free market capitalism
-Supports personal liberty
-Advocates for a small federal government
-Supports expanding private healthcare insurance policies

Chuck Baldwin (Constitution Party)

-Pastor, conservative political activist
-On 37 state ballots
-Strongly pro-life
-Supports strict interpretation of the constitution
-Advocates gun ownership
-Favors giving more control over education to communities and parents

Cynthia McKinney (Green Party)

-Former Democratic congresswoman from Georgia, teacher.
-On 32 state ballots
-Strong abortion rights supporter
-Supports increasing welfare state
-Advocates for environmental protection
-Opposes war on drugs

Ralph Nader (Independent)

-Consumer rights advocate, lawyer, progressive political activist
-On 46 state ballots.
-Supports single payer national healthcare
-Supports impeaching Bush and Cheney
-Opposes nuclear energy but supports solar
-Wants to strengthen the civil justice system

5. Open Letter to Dr. Paul on how much FINANCIAL SUPPORT YOU HAVE TO BECOME PRESIDENT!!!

This petition is to prove that the financial support exists for Dr. Ron Paul to become the 44th President of These United States of America.

Should he decide to run on an independent ticket then this petition and its signers shall support that ticket completely!

6. Keep Kimmorley with the Sharks

Against his wishes, Brett Kimmorley earlier this year signed with the Bulldogs for 2009. This is a great shame and needs to be rectified.

All Kimmorley wanted was to finish his career with the Sharks, and he has been repayed in this atrocious manner, especially after playing great football and helping the club achieve so much this season.

7. Bob Barr Debate Access

Bob Barr was not included in the Saddleback Presidential Forum. This was an injustice done to this nation that I never want to see happen again. Bob Barr is the Libertarian nominee for the Presidency of the United States of America.

Bob Barr is currently polling at 6% nationally with virtually no media coverage and he hasn't even raised his first million yet. America deserves to hear the opinions of all the candidates and it is the media's job to portray an accurate view of all candidates not just a select few. The two party system has created too many problems, yet the Federal government and the media still support it and dictate it.

Bob Barr deserves to be in all the debates and have the same amount of coverage as the major party candidates.

8. Conservative Exodus Project 2

We, the undersigned, pledge not to vote for another globalist for president.

Regarding both illegal and legal immigration, Barack Obama and John McCain support the Third World invasion of the United States, and thus are guilty of treason.

Both Barack Obama and John McCain support unwise free trade agreements, which are undermining our economy. (Conservatives historically have opposed ideological free trade, but many in the GOP have been "neoconned" on this issue.)

Both Barack Obama and John McCain are interventionists, the former supporting war in Darfur, the latter in Iraq and Iran. The transformation of the Middle East (or anywhere else) to liberal democracy is Wilsonian internationalism, not conservatism.

Because the two main-party candidates are unacceptable, we pledge not to vote or to vote third party this November.

9. Review Flood Relief Operations at Marion Iowa, 2008






10. Bring Tenacious D To Perth/Adelaide

Would Be Great If Tenacious D Would Do A Concert In Perth & Adelaide Because It Would Be Classic!

11. Nominate Sebelius for Obama's VP

At the time of writing, Barack Obama is all but certain to become the US Democratic Party's nominee for the 2008 Presidential race. Attention is turning to who is most suitable to be his running mate. Several possible candidates have been suggested.

A name that has repeatedly emerged is Kathleen Sebelius. Mrs Sebelius is the Governor of Kansas, and has attained remarkable popularity over her gubernatorial tenure - despite Kansas being a heavily Republican state.

She has been rated among the US's top Governors, and should she be selected as the running mate for Mr Obama, it would give credence to the idea of building a new coalition of "red states" and "blue states" in 2008.

12. Obama-Webb 2008


(1) I will personally send a paper copy of our petition, via-Certified Priority Mail, to the following: Barack Obama, Obama for America, Jim Webb, James A. Johnson and the Democratic National Committee. (2) Further, I will be editing signatures by capitalizing and punctuating posts where necessary - as this would help make our petition presentable to the recipients.


Jim Webb is the junior Senator from Virginia. Webb was elected in 2006, and is a member of the Democratic Party.

We strongly urge that Senator Barack Obama select Senator Jim Webb as his Vice Presidential running mate. If Obama is indeed a proponent of “Change,” then he would not select Senator Hillary Clinton as his Vice Presidential running mate. We believe that Senator Webb would enhance Senator Obama’s prospects at defeating the McCain ticket. Arguably, Senator Webb has the military background that is parallel to that of Senator McCain. Further, Webb may assist Obama in pulling the demographic attracted to McCain.

On February 28, 2008, Senator Webb introduced an enhancement to the GI Bill that would dramatically increase educational compensation for American servicemen. Senator McCain opposed such enhancement. This came to the dismay of about 30,000 veterans who delivered a petition to Senator McCain. In Contrast, both Senators Obama and Webb have signed as a co-sponsor and sponsor, respectively.

The following are some highlights of Senator Jim Webb:
- 2007 to current: Democratic Senator of Virginia
- 1987: Served as Secretary of the Navy under President Reagan
- 1984: Served as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs under President Reagan
- 1977: Worked on the staff of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs and taught at the United States Naval Academy.
- 1975: Graduated from Georgetown Law School
- 1968-1972: Served as a U.S. Marine Corps military officer in the Vietnam War. While in Vietnam, Webb earned a Navy Cross, Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, and two Purple Hearts.
- 1968: Graduated from the United States Naval Academy.

Other Highlights:

- Senator Webb is the author of eight novels; two of which include “Fields of Fire” and “Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America”
- Senator Webb was the writer and executive producer of “Rules of Engagement,” which starred Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson.
- Senator Webb sold his script for “Whiskey River” to Warner Brothers. “Whiskey River” is currently in production; it is directed and produced by Rob Reiner.
- Senator Webb has won an Emmy for his PBS coverage of the U.S. Marines in Beirut.
- Senator Webb has written articles in the following publications: American Enterprise, American Legion, Inside the Navy, Marine Corps Gazette, Naval Institute, The New York Times, Parade Magazine, Strategic Review, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Weekly Standard.
- In an opinion piece for the New York Times, Senator Webb successfully foresaw Iraqi insurgency.
- Senator Webb is fluent in Vietnamese and is married to Corporate Lawyer, Hong Le Webb.
- Senator Webb has two children.

The Navy Cross Citation of Senator James Webb is as follows:

“The President of the United States takes pleasure in presenting the Navy Cross to James H. Webb, Jr. (106180), First Lieutenant, U.S. Marine Corps, for extraordinary heroism while serving as a Platoon Commander with Company D, First Battalion, Fifth Marines, FIRST Marine Division (Reinforced), Fleet Marine Force, in connection with combat operations against the enemy in the Republic of Vietnam. On 10 July 1969, while participating in a company-sized search and destroy operation deep in hostile territory, First Lieutenant Webb's platoon discovered a well-camouflaged bunker complex which appeared to be unoccupied. Deploying his men into defensive positions, First Lieutenant Webb was advancing to the first bunker when three enemy soldiers armed with hand grenades jumped out. Reacting instantly, he grabbed the closest man and, brandishing his .45 caliber pistol at the others, apprehended all three of the soldiers. Accompanied by one of his men, he then approached the second bunker and called for the enemy to surrender. When the hostile soldiers failed to answer him and threw a grenade which detonated dangerously close to him, First Lieutenant Webb detonated a claymore mine in the bunker aperture, accounting for two enemy casualties and disclosing the entrance to a tunnel. Despite the smoke and debris from the explosion and the possibility of enemy soldiers hiding in the tunnel, he then conducted a thorough search which yielded several items of equipment and numerous documents containing valuable intelligence data. Continuing the assault, he approached a third bunker and was preparing to fire into it when the enemy threw another grenade. Observing the grenade land dangerously close to his companion, First Lieutenant Webb simultaneously fired his weapon at the enemy, pushed the Marine away from the grenade, and shielded him from the explosion with his own body. Although sustaining painful fragmentation wounds from the explosion, he managed to throw a grenade into the aperture and completely destroy the remaining bunker. By his courage, aggressive leadership, and selfless devotion to duty, First Lieutenant Webb upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and of the United States Naval Service.”

Authority: Navy Department Board of Decorations and Medals
Born: February 9, 1946 at St. Joseph, Missouri
Home Town: St. Joseph, Missouri



13. Boycott China until Tibet is free!

Tibet has been under Communist Chinese rule since the 1950's. The Chinese authorities use brute force against anyone who resists Chinese rule.

As I am writing this, I am watching News 24. The Chinese have given the Tibetan protestors until Monday (17th March 2008) to pipe down, or "face the consequences". If do calm down by then, the Chinese have promised to "be lenient" with them.

This doesn't seem like a very strong compromise to me. Actually, if I'm honest, I have a nasty feeling they simply mean the difference between a quick painless death or a slow agonizing one.

The above mentioned issue is only one of the problems China should be dealing with. Other examples include female infanticide, over-population, and the very real danger of giant pandas going extinct.

To show you care about any of these things, please boycott China until Tibet is free, and we are on the way to solving the other problems. Do not visit China unnecessarily, buy Chinese food, watch the Beijing Olympics 2008, or support the Chinese economy in any way. By doing this, you can show China the way towards a fairer society: the way of peace.

14. Petition to Senator John McCain

Tell Senator McCain to support conservative principles.

Not Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama.

15. Retire Favre

Mr. Favre, since 1992 you have been a tremendous asset to the Packers organization. Your skill and passion for not only the game, but also for the team, the great state of Wisconsin, and the adoring Green Bay Packer Fan Base has been amazing and apparent.

You have set yourself apart in football history as a legend not only to the game, but also to the Packers Organization.

However, on the cusp of a playoff season and a division championship, it is the belief of we, the undersigned, that the 2007 season should cap an amazing 16 years of Packers excellence.

We believe that it is time for the Packers organization to focus on the next generation of Packers excellence.

16. Supporters of Paul & Obama Unite For A Recount In NH

Ron Paul had two precincts, Sutton and Greenville, that BOTH claimed to receive ZERO votes for him in the recent New Hampshire primary.

In the same ballot Rudy Giuliani received many more votes than would be expected for a candidate with no momentum from previous primaries and very low poll numbers in a state where he did not see fit to even campaign.

Barack Obama received significantly less votes than was predicted in the vast majority of polls whilst Hillary Clinton received significantly more votes than were predicted.

This coupled with the statistical analyses demonstrating that BOTH candidates potentially lost HUGE numbers of votes when comparing hand counts to machine counts (91% of the vote in New Hampshire was machine counted) should, in the interests of ensuring that a true representation of the will of the people is reflected in the results, be enough to drive any Paul or Obama supporter to sign this petition, regardless of party or candidate affiliation.

Given that both men are running for the office of President of the United States, an office that exists solely of the people, for the people and by the people, one assumes that they will both accept this request and represent the will of the people to demand this recount should enough signatures be accumulated.

17. Odinga for President

The 2008 presidential elections we recently held in Kenya had an unacceptable outcome.

It's obvious the incumbent rigged the result which is believable, yes, believable! Use your signature as your voice and petition now!!

FULL NAMES: Raila Amolo Odinga
PARTY: Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)
POLITICAL HISTORY: Detained without trial for six years following August 1, 1982, coup attempt by Kenya Air Force personnel. Initially charged with treason, detained after nolle prosequi entered by state; 1982
Six months after being released, detained again for a year; 1988
One year after being released, detained again for a year; 1990
Political asylum in Norway for four months; 1991
Returns to Kenya to help found the Forum for the Restoration of Democracy, the first new political party to be registered after the restoration of the multiparty state in Kenya; 1991
General election: Wins Langata parliamentary seat on a Ford-Kenya ticket; 1992
Resigns from Ford-Kenya, joins the National Development Party (NDP); 1996
Wins Langata by-election on NDP ticket; 1997
General election: Successfully defends Langata seat; 1997
Presidential candidate: Achieves third place in field of 15; 1997
Appointed minister for energy; 2001
Leads NDP into merger with Kanu. Elected Kanu secretary-general; 2002
Leads Kanu breakaway faction (Rainbow Alliance) to join Liberal Democratic Party (LDP); 2002
Teams up with National Alliance Party of Kenya, a group of opposition parties, to form National Rainbow Coalition (Narc); 2002
General election: Ensures opposition unity by taking a rear seat and publicly backing Mwai Kibaki for president; 2002
Signs Memorandum of Understanding regarding cabinet power-sharing in event of Narc election victory; 2002
Successfully defends Langata seat on LDP ticket; 2002
Narc ousts Kanu from power it has held since Independence; 2002
Appointed minister for roads, public works and housing, but Kibaki reneges on Memorandum of Understanding power-sharing agreement; 2002
After Draft Constitution proposed by assembly of representatives (Bomas Draft) is changed to reflect government self-interest, leads group of parties opposed to changes to become Orange Democratic Movement. ODM leads nation in ‘no’ vote in referendum on constitutional changes, and wins by more than one million votes; 2005
Replaced as Minister for roads and public works; 2005

BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Assistant lecturer, department of mechanical engineering, University of Nairobi ; 1970
Partner in Franz Schineis & Partners, engineering consultants; 1971
Established Standard Processing Equipment Construction & Erection (Spectre, later East African Spectre Ltd), engineering company that later specialised in the manufacture of liquid petroleum gas cylinders; 1971
Appointed group standards manager, Kenya Bureau of Standards; 1974
Two-month programme at British Standards Institution, London: Standards and specification writing, product testing and quality control; 1975
Two-month programme at US National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, Maryland, and University of Denver, Colorado; 1976
Promoted to deputy director, Kenya Bureau of Standards; 1978

DATE OF BIRTH: January 7th, 1945
PLACE OF BIRTH: Maseno Church Missionary Society Hospital, Nyanza
SPOUSE: Ida Anyango Oyoo
CHILDREN: Fidel; YOB: 1973
Rosemary; YOB: 1977
Raila Jnr; YOB: 1979
Winnie; YOB: 1990

HOME: Opoda Farm (Bondo District, Nyanza) and Nairobi
Otto von Guericke Technical University, Magdeburg, Germany (graduated with MSc in Mechanical Engineering); 1964 - 1969
Herder Institute (high school). Leipzig, Germany; 1962 - 1964
Maranda Primary and High School, Nyanza; 1954 - 1962
Kisumu Union Primary School, Nyanza; 1952 - 1953
Raila Odinga: An Enigma in Kenyan Politics

18. Support the Global Human Rights Torch Relay

An international campaign that seeks to bring an end to all human rights abuses against the people of China, while highlighting the persecution of Falun Gong - the most severely persecuted group in China today.

During the run up to the 2008 Olympics, the HRTR will host events in 37 countries across six continents to present its message: The Olympics and crimes against humanity cannot coexist in China.

The Tibetan, Burmese, and Vietnamese communities, the Darfur Support Network (Sudan), Chinese democracy groups, student groups, former Olympians, and representatives from sports and politics are among the relay participants.

19. Gibbs Senior High School Graduation 2008

Graduation is a major milestone in our lives and by limiting it to only four people, we can't have any of our extended family and friends come and celebrate this special time with us.


We, south american fans, are so unhappy with the long time Bon Jovi don't make a concert in SOUTH AMERICA. For four tours all the Latin America don't have the opportunity to watch a true show of Bon Jovi.

They don't make a big show since 1995, twelve years. Bon Jovi are very loved in South America, they have millions of fans, and millions albums are sold here. All concerts here were sold-out.

21. Bring the NHL Back to Hamilton

Hamilton and the Golden Horseshoe are a hotbed for hockey, yet it has been 82 years since Hamilton has had an NHL team.

Do your part to help bring the NHL to Hamilton by signing the petition!

22. Equal Media Coverage for all Presidential Candidates

A petition to demand that ALL candidates who have filed to run for President of the united States of American be given equal unbiased air time.

23. Ban Diebold's Electronic Voting Machines and Software!

Past Elections and Present Tests!

A petition to the United States Government that the Diebold Electronic Voting Machines, Software, System NOT be used in ANY Election!